Friday, May 13, 2005

Giant Spider

I found this picture in an Arabic site, for a giant spiders in the Iraqi desert.
I really don't know is it real..? or not.
I have heared a rumer about giant spiders attacking American soldier, but I thought it was just a propaganda. If this picture is real, that means the rumer was correct.


hbl said...

A spider?  It looks like it is big enough to take down small dogs.

Lisa, New York said...

It's a trick of the camera. It looks so huge because the camera is so close to it. Notice the sleeve, on the right side of the picture, of the soldier holding it.

It's a large spider, and would certainly scare the hell out of me because I HATE spiders, but it doesn't seem abnormally large or large enough to "attack" someone any more than other large spiders.

P.S. - Please don't tell me you're talking about the silly rumors from Fallujah mosques that huge spiders sent by Allah chased the infidel Americans from Fallujah.

Lisa, New York said...

Oh, and by the way, it's two spiders latched onto each other, not one spider.

Bill said...

Giant Camel Spiders in Iraq!!!

The photo below reportedly comes from a soldier, stationed in Baghdad, who was bitten by a camel spider that was hiding in his sleeping bag. Fortunately, these critters aren't venomous... but they're BIG and FAST (they can run around 10MPH).

The photo shows two spiders attached together, and the camera angle makes them look a tad larger than they really are (they're about the size of an adult's hand). They also tend to seek out shade during the daytime, so it's not terribly unusual to see them charging across the desert at you -- only to come to a screeching halt when they reach your shadow.

Dan said...

I first heard about these "Camel Spiders" from a radio show called "Coast to Coast AM" which comes on at midnight here (Oklahoma). It broadcasts from Los Angelos, a cave in Missouri, and from Nevada. They often talk about wierd and wacky stuff on that show.

I saw this picture on the Web site a few months ago. A wild story accompanied the picture but the story was not true. As I NOW understand it, the spiders are mating while a soldier holds them up in front of the camera.


waldschrat said...

There was also a story about "desert truffles", delicious underground mushrooms like the famous gourmet truffles of France only better, that grow in the deserts of Iraq and are available in markets there at ridiculously low prices.

Hitech Luddite said...

They look big enough to eat! I wonder what they would taste like battered and deep fried?

Truth teller said...


This "desert truffles" are common near Mosul and it is called "Kamah" in arabic and some pronounce it "chimah".
Several types are usually available (black or white). It is very delicious.

Hurria said...

"There was also a story about "desert truffles", delicious underground mushrooms like the famous gourmet truffles of France only better, that grow in the deserts of Iraq and are available in markets there at ridiculously low prices."

That story is true.

waldschrat said...

What fun, the joke is on me! I had assumed that the story about "desert truffles" was a fabrication created to taunt the French!

Anonymous said...

What is a joke is that even an educated Arab man can go to these Islamic sites and believe that the 'giant spiders of Allah' could even be remotely true, along with the other outlandish propaganda. What is it about Islam that keeps these people so incredibly backward and ready to believe anything? And America has to apologize and defer to their sensibilities when they take offense to every claim, imagined or otherwise? Somebody needs to take the Arab culture aside and tell them to grow up or go away.

Hurria said...

Dear Anonymous Bigot and racist:

What "educated Arab man" are you referring to? The only people here who have made any reference at all to "giant spiders of Allah" are you and war cheerleader and lisa.

strykerdad said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hurria said...

Don't make yourself look even more despicable than you already have by pretending your host has said something he has not in order to make a racist insult. Truth Teller said nothing whatsoever about Allah, or the spiders being from Allah, or "spiders of Allah".

"an educated Arab man can go to these Islamic sites"

What on earth makes you think Iraqis go to English-language "Islamic" extremist web sites - or any "Islamic" website for information on current events in Iraq?

Unlike you Iraqis hear rumours and obtain information by word of mouth, or from the TV, the radio, or by reading newspapers, not by going to kooky websites. Also unlike you, Iraqis have personal knowledge and experience of Iraq which allows them to interpret what they hear, and to have some judgment about what does and does not make sense.

You owe an apology to your host.

Del Simmons said...

More info on the photo and the spiders can be found here..

Anonymous said...

"Karamat" Allah's Blessings And Signs For His Aid To Mujahideen Much has been written in Arabic about "Karamat" (Allah's blessings and signs for his aid to Mujahideen) in Fallujah, Ramadi, Al-Qaim and other Iraqi battlefields including mirages that blind the eyes of the aggressors, sand storms that disable their vehicles, sharp rises in temperature that hinder their offensives and other like incidents. One of the more interesting is the "the giant Iraqi spider" that bit American soldiers during the Battle of Fallujah. It is said that this kind of spiders were unknown in Iraq before. The giant spider does not just bite its victim but deposits a deadly poison in the wound that progressively eats human flesh over a period of time. The Giant Iraqi Spider

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Sulayman said...

Snopes debunks the camel spider rumor. The photo is real, but has an inaccurate description.

Lynnanne said...

Here in the high desert of California, we have sun spiders that look just like that one in the picture. Except our's are only about 2 1/2" at the biggest.

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