Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another Collateral Killing. More pictures

I am sorry to publish those pictures.
But I think all American citizens should see how their brave soldiers defeated the terrorists Iraqi children.


madtom said...

Isn't it a shame that the great and brave Iraqi fighters would place these innocent children in harm's way by fighting from behind them? But them again this is war and these dead children make for great press coverage, so expect these picture to continue.
The title should be martyred in the name of dictatorship.

waldschrat said...

Truthteller, there are things I can believe and there are things I cannot believe. I find it easier to believe that Iraqis will deliberately kill children than to believe that Americans will deliberately kill children. You seem to find it easier to believe that Americans deliberately kill children. The fact is that neither of us saw these children killed. Neither of us knows who killed them. Do we believe differently simply because I am from America and you are from Iraq? Do we believe what we believe because the alternative is to believe something horrible? Neither of us wants to believe that our own people are responsible. Each of us should ask himself honestly is what is too horrible to believe is never the less true.

Anonymous said...

And the 45 Iraqi children blown up by a suicider carbomb during the sewage plant dedication ceremony in Baghdad? Where are the pictures?

And the other 24,000 civilians, some shopping with their children, some buying watermelons from a pickup truckbomb, some sitting in the square while the propane delivery truck explodes, and consumes them and their children - all 24,000 of them, by those who wish to take over the government and install their own rule?

Where are their pictures?

Yes, 24,000 of those women, children, men who were TARGETTED by those who blow innocents up in the name of a cause. Lets see their pictures, please.

Bruno said...

And people wonder why there is resistance ...

The fact that the US considered the half million or so Iraqi children killed through sanctions as being 'worth it' leaves me in no doubt that the lives of Iraqi children are not of particular concern to the US, least of all if there are military considerations at play.

Waldschrat, may I remind you that at My Lai, ordinary American grunts engaged in far more than killing three or four children. This shocks, but does not surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a shame that the great and brave Viet Cong fighters would place these innocent children at My Lai in harm's way by fighting from behind them? But them again this is war and these dead children make for great press coverage, so expect these picture to continue. Until we've lost.
The title should be martyred in the name of a bungled American war. The Viet Cong won, remember?

See all those guys standing around? Future insurgents, every angry one of them. Future Viet Cong.

You'll never learn. Is it your education system, perhaps?


matt said...

Why do people think for a minute that the US military gives a damn about the Iraqi people? This has never been about the Iraqi people, this has been about being a distraction from the fact that the US government can do nothing more about true terrorist threats than they ever have and to replace the leader of an oil rich nation with one that will bow and kiss US leader's feet.

As far a terrorists in Iraq killing Iraqi people, well that's how terrorists opperate. Listen to them and do what they say or they kill people. Hmmm... sounds sorta like US administration.

Foreverfree said...

To All the skeptics out there,

You can beleive what you want to beleive. The price/compensation set by the American Adminstartion for a wrongefull death, that is killing of Iraqi civillians(what you call in the stats Murder)is $2,500 with no other charges laid. Now, is that acceptable to you as a human being or if you were at the receiving end. Your army have no right to be in IRAQ. Get out of IRAQ now.

Anonymous said...

What does UN sanctions on Saddam have to do with some Iraqis blowing up children in marketplaces now? They are killing 100 Iraqis a day, TODAY. You talking about United Nations sanctions 10 years ago, VOTED BY 180 countries in THE COMMUNITY OF NATIONS. 60 of those nations were MUSLIM nations. Iran voted for it. So did China and Russia.

Ultimately Saddam was responsible for his own people. If he took the oil money and spent it on his guards, then he needs to answer to your statistic, which by the way is factually wrong. Iraq is a rich country and the oil money can easily feed its population and pay for medicine, which were not sanctioned. So why did Saddam starve off his own people? Did the people protesting the sanctions ever question Saddam? Or did they silently approve the killing?

To claim that it is OK to kill 100 innocent Iraqis PER DAY today, because Saddam used to kill so many more people, shows the moral depravity of your character.

Anonymous said...

More information on the incident here:

We were talking with the police officer who was first on the scene earlier today. He explained the scene of arriving. He said they waited until U.S. troops had left the area and it was safe to go in. When they arrived at the house, it was in rubble. I don't know if you've seen the photos of the remains of the house, but there was very little standing. He said they expected to find bodies under the rubble. Instead, what they found was in one room of the house, in one corner of one room, there was a single man who had been shot in the head. Directly across the room from him against the other wall were ten people, ranging from his 75-year-old mother-in-law to a six-month-old child, also several three-year-olds -- a couple three-year-olds, a couple five-year-olds, and four other -- three other women.

Lined up, they were covered, and they had all been shot. According to the doctor we talked to today, they had all been shot in the head, in the chest. A number of -- you know, generally, some of them were shot several times. The doctor said it's very difficult to determine exactly what kind of caliber gun they were shot with. He said the entry wounds were generally small and round, the exit wounds were generally very large. But they were lined up along one wall. There was a blanket over the top of them, and they were under the rubble, so when the police arrived, and residents came to help them start digging in, they came across the blankets.

They came across the blankets. They picked the blankets up. They say, at that point, that the hands were handcuffed in front of the Iraqis. They had been handcuffed and shot. And the Iraqi assumption is that they were shot in front of the man across the room. They came to be facing each other. There is nothing to corroborate that. The U.S. is now investigating this matter, along with the Haditha matter. That's kind of where we stand right now.

MATTHEW SCHOFIELD: Yeah. What we're looking at -- I mean, I think when we hear autopsy, especially with all the crime shows on television, we have this image of kind of scientific wonder stuff going on. As he explained it, he said, “Listen, I don't have any equipment to do this with. What I have are my eyes. I examined the bodies by looking at the bodies.” He did not find any powder residue on the bodies. Now, when we see the same in the United States and Canada, in Europe, we see this and we say, ‘Okay, that means that there was no -- there might not have been powder burns, so maybe the shots didn't come from a very close range.’ It doesn't necessarily mean that, but it can mean that.

However, in this case, he said, “I was looking at the bodies. I didn't see the powder.” What he means is not that he did chemical tests and sort of things like that. He said, “I physically couldn't see the powder.” If you've seen the pictures of the bodies, they were covered in the concrete rubble. This thin powder of concrete covered the entire – covered them all. They were almost white from this powder, you know, chalky white from this powder. And these sorts of things -- the investigation is hampered by the fact that, he says, “Listen, this was eleven bodies came into our office. This is not a particularly big deal. We're very busy. We get between five and fifteen bodies a day, anyway.”


Anonymous said...

Johninnz - the Mahdi and Badr armies are killing 50 Sunnis a day. Al-Qaeda and other Iranian hardliner agents are killing 50 Shiites a day. These are children, women, and men. Are their lives worth anything to you? You only privilege the lives of the few killed by US forces in a war?

How can we believe your stories, pushed by totalitarian websites such as Democracy Now, when you manifest such extraordinary bias?

foreverfree - do you care to provide a link to your fantastic claim? Burden's on you buddy.

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

I have written about Haditha at considerable length, both on Baghdad Treasure's blog and my own
I am ashamed at some of the responses here from Americans -- and saddened by those who think this is a policy, that we are cruel by nature. I can't blame those who talk this way, we brought it on ourselves, but it isn't true.

I point out to those fools on both side that it was TIME magazine, an American magazine, and only 'leftist' in Ann Coulter's paranoia, that published the Haditha story, WITH videos, on their website, and THE NEW YORKER that let Sy Hersh reveal Abu Gharaib as they jointly had done for My Lai.
And, Johninnz, even American apologists never claimed that is what happened at My Lai.

We were wrong then, we were wrong now, and one of the glories of our democracy, our way of thinking, is that we can admit when we are -- if only a certain President could learn that.

Anonymous said...

BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 25 — Mohannad al-Azawi had just finished sprinkling food in his bird cages at his pet shop in south Baghdad, when three carloads of gunmen pulled up.

In front of a crowd, he was grabbed by his shirt and driven off.

Mr. Azawi was among the few Sunni Arabs on the block, and, according to witnesses, when a Shiite friend tried to intervene, a gunman stuck a pistol to his head and said, "You want us to blow your brains out, too?"

Mr. Azawi's body was found the next morning at a sewage treatment plant. A slight man who raised nightingales, he had been hogtied, drilled with power tools and shot. (NEW YORK TIMES)

MAHDI army with Iranian backing is executing innocent Sunnis in the tens and hundreds EVERY DAY.

Why is this blog so silent? Why does this blog only care for few Iraqis killed by Americans, in their fight against the terrorists? 1,000 Iraqis killed past few weeks by Islamist fanatics. It seems nobody cares for them.

Anonymous said...

Can Truth Teller please explain:

"The day of the shrine attack, Shiite mobs began rampaging through Baghdad, burning Sunni mosques and slaughtering Sunni residents. Some Sunnis struck back and killed Shiites. The mayhem claimed hundreds of lives and exposed tensions that until then had been bubbling just beneath the surface.

Two Shiite militias, the Badr Organization, which once trained in Iran, and the Mahdi Army, the foot soldiers of a young, firebrand Shiite cleric, Moktada al-Sadr, were blamed for much of the bloodshed. Mr. Sadr's men often wear all-black uniforms, and many of the relatives of kidnapped people said men in black uniforms had taken them. Many people also said the men in black arrived with the police."

Around 9 on the night of the shrine bombing, a mob of black-clad men surrounded the Duleimi brothers, family members said. A cousin of the Duleimi brothers, who identified himself as Khalaf, said the four men were taken at gunpoint from the small house they shared. The next day, their bodies turned up in a drainage ditch near Sadr City, a stronghold of the Mahdi Army. All their fingers and toes had been sawed off.

More proof, now by the New York Times, that Mahdi Army is killing the Sunnis, especially the secular Sunnis such as students and professionals. Is TruthTeller defending Sadr and the Mahdi Army who are supported by Iranians and are killing Sunnis, maybe 100 a day? Can TruthTeller please explain.

That same day Mushtak al-Nidawi, 20, was kidnapped. According to an aunt, Aliah al-Bakr, he was chatting on his cellphone outside his home in Bayah when a squad of Mahdi militiamen marched up the street, shouting, "We're coming after you, Sunnis!" Ms. Bakr said they snatched Mr. Nidawi while his mother stood at the door. His body surfaced on the streets seven days later, his skin a map of bruises, his handsome face burned by acid, his fingernails pulled out.

There is no evidence that the Sunnis who have been kidnapped and killed are connected to terrorists.

Claude Dorsel said...

Yes, Americans. Remember the cake walk. The dancing iraqis throwing flowers, etc... That's what war meant to you. when you invaded.

Well, my father, my grandfather, my uncles, my great-uncles, my father-in-law, etc... fought valiantly in WWI, WWII, Indochina, Algeria, etc... They afterwards never liked to describe what they did or witnessed.

War is hell. It transforms young patriotic well-meaning men into bloodthirsty monsters, via revenge and fear.

Crime against the peace was the main accusation at Nuremberg, for a reason. People at the time considered war the most egregious human activity. No glory there. Or perhaps only when defending your homeland.

Several details let me to believe the babies killed in this atrocity have been committed by "heroic" US troopsmade mad by rage and fear.

Albatroz said...

Americans invaded and occupied a country that had done them no harm, and have, ever since, been killing innocent people. Americans have destroyed Iraqi institutions and fostered a state of lawlessness. As a result Iraq is about to fall into a state of civil war among people who had lived relatively peacefully among themselves. Soon, faced with electoral disaster in November, Republicans will force withdrawal from Iraq, leaving chaos behind. Maybe not all Americans are criminally insane, but their leaders certainly are and Americans put up with it.

Anonymous said...

Update on the incident. For some reason, the Iraqi police report is consistent with the US account of a firefight and capture of an al Qaeda operative in which a number of civilians were killed by undetermined sources. But the report contradicts the words of the police chief who is being widely quoted as saying the bodies bore single gunshot sounds to the head and that they had been bound and found lined up as if they had been executed by americans (though, even if the evidence had supported execution, how did he know the al Qaeda operative didn't commit the acts when he sought cover inside the home?). In other words, the quoted officer engaged in the practice of using a tragic event of war to portray American troops as ruthless killers of innocents to further his agenda or save himself from reprisal from other operatives in the village. It happens.

Iraqi report on U.S. raid in village contradicts police official's version He had contended each person was shot once in the head. The report noted multiple wounds. The U.S. had cited a firefight.

By Matthew SchofieldInquirer Foreign Staff

BAGHDAD - Iraqi police investigating the deaths of 11 people in the town of Ishaqi after a U.S. military raid last week reported that each of the bodies bore multiple wounds, according to a preliminary report reviewed by Knight Ridder News Service.
The report contradicted an Iraqi police commander's contention Sunday that each of the dead had been shot once in the head.
......Both sides and neighbors agree that U.S. troops were involved in a firefight with a suspected member of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
.... The al-Qaeda suspect was found alive in the rubble and arrested, the U.S report on the incident said.
A special correspondent for Knight Ridder was allowed to review only the portion of the preliminary report that dealt with the suspected causes of death. The correspondent was not allowed to make copies of the report, ....According to the preliminary report, none of the bodies bore only a single gunshot wound, contradicting one Iraqi police officer's account that each had been shot once in the head.
One body had two gunshot wounds to the head. Five others showed signs of entrance and exit wounds to the head caused by "flying projectiles," which the report noted could be "consistent with either bullets or shrapnel." Four others showed signs of entrance and exit wounds to the chest or abdomen, also attributed to flying projectiles.
The 11th person had "crushing of the head and neck," the cause of which was undetermined.
The portion of the report that Knight Ridder reviewed made no mention of whether the bodies had been handcuffed, as an Iraqi police officer had alleged.

Anonymous said...

Sadr aide Hazim al-Araji told Reuters the dead were not militiamen and had been unarmed: "The American forces went into Mustafa mosque at prayers and killed more than 20 worshippers ... They tied them up and shot them."

Truth teller said...

anon @3/26/2006 06:51

I am not trying to defend Al Mehdi army or Muqtada Al sadr, But the description of the men in black is applied to both Al Mehdi army and to the Badr force. It is well known in Iraq that Muqtada al Sadr was the first Sheiit leader who object the killing and stand against the secterian fight. While the Badr force which is well known by the death squad with the Ministry of intern police, are the main organized force that flare the secterian fight and the mass killing. They are supported by Iran, and watched by the American troopes which did nothing to stop them.

directinfo said...

How many of us Americans try to justify crimes against humanity just because "they do it too" or "they do it more than we"... idiots!

For those of you above who seem to justify what our government is doing in Iraq, I have some news for you.

Do you know that the United States Military is right now dropping depleted uranium munitions on Iraq by the thousands of tons?

30% of the munitions "aerosolize" and become radiated nano particles, carried by the winds of our troposphere (air we breathe) and radiation spikes were registered as far away as the UK.

Do you know that depleted uranium is a Weapon of Mass Destruction, in legal terms, with a half-life of 4.5 billion years?

Military is coming home sick. Their kids are getting deformed. Iraqi children and US military children are being born dead and deformed.

You Americans trust your criminally psychotic government to carry out this false flag war in an ethical way when we are using DU rounds by the thousands of tons?

You are sick or stupid. No other way out of it. Sick or ignorant.

If you are sick, they God help you.

If you are ignorant, then read up on DU here, from the mouth of a US military non-commissioned officer.

He starts out: "My name is John Marshall. I was exposed to DU (depleted uranium). I am 100 percent disabled and I am pissed-off."

More here -

This stuff is all over the net. Keyword DU + Iraq.



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