Friday, July 28, 2006


The British Arab Medical Association (BAMA), a society for Arab Doctors
and allied professionals in the UK, express their utter condemnation of
the Israeli attacks against Lebanon, and abhor the continuous
destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure and the bombardment of its
civilian districts.

We extend our heartfelt support to those hundreds of families who have
lost their loved ones, or been made homeless, through this mindless saga
of destruction.

The social impact of the devastation of whole neighbourhoods, schools
and the dislocation of communities is of great concern to us, and we
call upon the governments of all nations to demand a halt to Israeli
aggression to put an end to this tragedy.

The Middle Eastern governments should bear their share of responsibility
in ensuring stability and provide comprehensive logistic support to
achieve peace for Lebanon, Iraq and the region in general.

BAMA believes that the region needs a genuine pragmatic initiative to
stop the region from sliding further back into a social and political
wilderness - Iraq and Sudan were the tragedy of yesterday, sadly it
seems Lebanon's turn today, who is next?

Lebanon presents us all with a social and humanitarian tragedy, as much
as a political dilemma. It is clearly a human rights issue, where
population are denied their basic human rights by such relentless aerial
bombardment of civilian districts.

It is imperative that western governments give outright condemnation of
the actions of Israel's government and give moral and economic support
for Lebanon to recover from this wholesale destruction.

President of BAMA and Council members


madtom said...

I don't see Hizbollah targeting military targets? All their rockets hit civilian targets almost 100% of the time.

If Hizbollah were to get bigger rockets they would cause greater civilian casualties. Why the bias?

Citizen Quasar said...

I am no fan of Hezbollah. Yet Israel's documented wholesale destruction of the infrastructure of the entire nation of Lebanon, and its blatant attacks on civillian targets are NOT justified as "self defense."

The New World Order controlled media is portraying Israel as a David against a Goliath. This is the exact opposite of the truth. In actuallity, Israel, which possesses more nuclear weapons than Britain, as well as state of the art American weaponry, has the fourth(?) largest military on the planet. Israel is a fire breathing porcupine among possums. Israel is Goliath.

Israel could very easily seize the south of Lebanon with a minimum of civillian casualties and eliminate the threat from Hezbollah. Instead, they are committing wholsale nationwide slaughter which only serves to anger the general population and place them in a position where they have no other choice than to join an underground resistance.

As part of the “neocon agenda,” these actions are not making America any friends in the area but, rather, breeding an intense hatred for both Israel and the United States.

This makes me very sad as I am an American and I see our great power being used NOT to assist humanity to become free, peaceful, and prosperous but to spread needless unjustified death and destruction.

Citizen Quasar said...

If Hezbollah fires a rocket filled with ball bearings at Israel, it is called an act of terror.

If Israel drops a white phosphorus cluster bomb on an apartment building in Beruit, it is called self defense.

Citizen Quasar said...

Interesting link about Tony Blair here:

waldschrat said...

Hezbollah rockets are clearly antipersonnel devices designed to inflict mazimum damage on human flesh, since they are loaded with ball bearings to act as schrapnel. Those who fire them with no sure knowledge of where they will land are heartless murderers prancing obscenely before the world claiming to do god's work. If there were justice in this world the governments of the Middle East would join Israel in a campaign to wipe them and their filthy ideas and weapons from the face of the planet. Instead, what do we hear, what do we see?

Truth teller said...


What you say about destructing the infra structure and bombing the bridges and the civilian's houses in Beirut.....and destruct the airport and preventing the medical and human aids to those who need them?
There are alot of crimes commited by Isreal and the US in Palastine, Iraq and Libanon!!
Why the US citizen did't look for the truth? are they satisfied by what the neocon's media told them?
or it is just a bias? or there are some things else we dont know.

You are the one who know better than any other about the miserable conditions in Iraq after 3+ years of occupation.
The only reason I can thing about is that there is a genocide against any group who say no to the American policy in the Middle East.

waldschrat said...

Truthteller, I think you have it backwards. I think there is a genocide or jihad or whatever you wish to call it being waged against Israel, and against the United States because it will not tolerate the destruction of Israel, and against the Iraqi people because the United States would like to help them.

Please pardon me if I would like to see everybody simply stop killing everybody and behave like sane, responsible adults instead of violent children.

I think I should not comment further on this because silence would be better than words written in angry frustration prompted by the endless chaos I see on the news every night.

madtom said...

"What you say about destructing the infra structure and bombing the bridges and the civilian's houses in Beirut.....and destruct the airport"

Permit me to say something and just say it bluntly.

The Lebanese thought it dangerous and expensive to challenge Hizbollah, so they let them alone to do whatever they wanted.
Now they know just how expensive it really is to let them alone.

Sorry I just don't know the nice way to put it.

Citizen Quasar said...

"Now they know just how expensive it really is to let them alone."

Yeah. Tell this to Phil Collins the next time he stages a concert in Lebanon...or perhaps in your town.

I suggest you say this to him just before a white phophorus cluster bomb lands in the audience.

Oh! Where is the guilt and liablity now?

Hot to Trot said...

madtom -

is it possible that the Lebanese government didn't want to disarm and disband Hezbollah - the national resistance movement that forced an Israeli withdrawl in 2001 and that has a minimal but extant representation in the Lebanese parliament - for precisely the reason we are now seeing, the defense and security of Southern Lebanon?

There is little coverage of the Lebanese army's attempts to defend their nation's southern border: this is largely because there isn't much of a Lebanese army, particularly in comparison with the Israeli army; there are no anti-aircraft missles, and a minimal presence of anti-aircraft artillery. A government that spends $540,000,000 a year on defense -- versus one that spends approximately $8,000,000,000 a year on defense? Not much of a contest.

In this sense, we see precisely how important Hezbollah may be to Lebanon's southern security strategy; for Lebanon to oppose Israel's strength-with-strength is a recipe for disaster. With this forumla, it would seem that only asymmetric warfare can prevent a successful invasion and occupation force.

The current situation by no means represents the Lebanese 'reaping the whirlwind' -- the fact of the matter is that Hezbollah originates with the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and the capture of two Israeli soldiers (quite possibly on the Lebanese side of the border) is mere retaliation for the thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese held captive by the Israelis (some of which are being held without the legal right to trial).

The issue at hand is simple. Israel did not go to war with the intention of preventing Hezbollah from rocketing cities -- it went to war to prevent Hezbollah's ABILITY to fire rockets in the first place. This is going to war because a people have the means to attack you -- thereby triggering the attack one hoped to avoid in the first place.

If Israel wants Hezbollah rockets to cease raining down on Haifa and other Israel cities, it needs to stop leveling Lebanese cities. If Israel honeslty desires a return of captive soldiers, it needs to release captives in turn. If Israel truly wants peace for itself as a State, it needs to address the situation of those individuals from whom was taken the land on which their state currently sits.

Basic human civility or imperialism and barbarism - that is the only choice.

Simple, uncomplicated, true.

madtom said...

The guilt is with Hizbollah, if Hizbollah were not firing rockets, there would be no danger to holding concerts in Lebanon.

Right now there is no danger from the Israeli's in Egypt, Jordan, or Bahrain. Why is that?

But you seem to think it's OK, maybe for Phil's next act you can ask him to light a few fuses, fire a few rockets just to warm up the crowd before the concert. Should be a blast.

Truth teller said...

hot to trot

You say all the things I wan't to say.
Thank you

"if Hizbollah were not firing rockets, there would be no danger to holding concerts in Lebanon."
You have to synchronize the events. Israel attacked Libanon before Hizballah firing his rockets!!!
It is not to old to be mistaken by any one, especially by one intellegent and seemed to be looking for the truth.

Citizen Quasar said...

"The guilt is with Hizbollah, if Hizbollah were not firing rockets, there would be no danger to holding concerts in Lebanon."

If Israel concentrated its military efforts on taking out Hezbollah, a comparatively ragtag military threat at best, in the south, then the rest of Lebanon would be in relative peace and the innocent citizenry could continue its collective life with some degree of normalcy.

As it is, Israel is targeting civillians and infrastructure which have nothing to do with Hezbollah.

Example: Israel destroyed a grain silo in Triploi. How does an act such as this help to defeat Hezbollah? It is clear that Israel has another, albeit sinister, agenda that they are pursuing.

madtom said...

TT where did you hear that, Hamas started this the day the Hamas PM was going to sign that paper that recognized Israel. It was the threat of peace that started this war. Hizbollah will not have peace, they only want death.

madtom said...

By the way this debate rages on at Khalids and NIW's and I must say that this is the first I hear that Israel fired first.

Hot to Trot said...

truth teller - quite welcome, my friend. I've found your blog to be quite informative, and I'm just glad to finally hop into the discussion.

madtom -

Right now there is no danger from the Israeli's in Egypt, Jordan, or Bahrain. Why is that?

There are a few potential answers to the question as to why Egypt, Jordan or Bahrain are not currently under Israeli threat.

The first might involve relationships with Egypt and Jordan (not familiar with Bahraini-Israeli relations) that have developed since 1978. A thaw, though by no means a friendship. (None the less, Egyptian soldiers patrol the southern border of Gaza, to better help the Israelis seal in the beseiged city. If a diplomatic-cultural frost remains, a certain operational cooperation has emerged.)

The second answer involves mutual friends and allies - for instance, the comfortable relationship between the United States and Israel (in which I tend to think of Israel as a useful watchdog for US interests in the Middle East). It also involves approximately two billion dollars of aid a year for the Egyptian military. As well as the friendly relationship Jordan's King Abdullah has with the United States and Britain. Not to mention Bahrain being the headquarters of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf, and a profound diplomatic attitude of cooperation and warmth.

I'm sure there are many other answers to your question - those are the two that spring immediately to mind.

As for your remarks reguarding Hezbollah rocket strikes -- that is quite a simple assertion to refute.

truth teller answered your comment quite well -- Hezbollah rockets didn't start flying until the day after Israel had bombed Rafic Hariri International Airport.

madtom said...

I am afraid that even the Lebanese Acting Foreign Minister agrees that Hizbollah started this war, he's on TV right now, in a call in show on C-SPAN (there might be a web video, if I find it I'll post) and he's complaining about the Israeli response to Hizbollah aggression, and how it's not a plan to get Hizbollah but to get Lebanon. And he had said it clearly a few times in repose to callers that it was Hizbollah that started the war.

madtom said...

TT, this is the program I talked about in the last post.


copy and paste that address into the "open" screen in Real Player, then advance to about 1:46:40 time frame.

Truth teller said...


"Hamas started this the day the Hamas PM was going to sign that paper that recognized Israel."

Sorry tom, we are talking about Hizbullah and Libanon, not about Hamas and Palastine.
They are different identities in different country, the only thing in common with them is that lands from both countries are occupied by Isreal!!!

madtom said...


Hizbollah has targets all over Lebanon, like in Beirut there were headquarters. I am sorry by the Hizbollah headquarters and bunkers are good targets.

You seem to think that Hizbollah are all standing around together in on spot and that Israel should concentrated their fire there, but that's just not the case. Many of the infrastructure, which or course is used by civilians for peaceful proposes can and are also used by Hizbollah for offensive purposes.
Blame the Lebanese if you like for allowing this state of affairs to exist, blame the UN and the French, it was all taking place under their eyes, they did not stop hizbollah from massing one rocket

I do not know the grain silo story so I won't comment.

madtom said...

TT, I know that Hamas and Hizbollah are different, but it was Hizbollah that started this war with Israel in support of a Hamas faction that wanted to stop the Hamas PM from signing a "peace deal" with Israel.

Maybe it is just a coincidence but the Hamas faction that would not have peace has it's leadership in Syria, and the Hizbollah leadership is also in Syria, in a way I do agree with some of what you and your supporters here have written. Many of the Lebanese are innocent victims, or the Syrians. Maybe we should bomb Syria?

Or maybe the Jews should just stand there and let their enemies destroy them, maybe they should again, go like sheep to the slaughterhouse. Then maybe some would be happy

madtom said...

For the love of sanity tell me its not true unfortunately I believe this guy. Excuse me while I go puke.

madtom said...

For the love of sanity tell me its not true unfortunately I believe this guy. Excuse me while I go puke.

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