Sunday, April 01, 2007

What you think about these pictures?


DeathRay said...

Well. Clearly - a sad, sad insult. Another thousand apologies.

While I believe that Americans as a whole had altruistic aims - the imposition of one culture on another by a military force that was (by design) trained to fight and not to rebuild and give humanitarian aid - was a terrible mistake.

It is time that they come home.

Kactuz said...
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DeathRay said...


the old testament (on which christianity and judaism are also hinged) encourages the stoning women for various offenses, etc. in short - the "old time religion" was not written in a happy time.

but what point is made by insulting truth teller's faith? whether or not one religion is more just than another is not the point - iraqi soldiers are Not on the ground in the united states - and american soldiers should never have been sent to iraq.

for good or ill, your feelings about islam are highly representative of many Americans' feelings - which speaks volumes for why We Shouldn't have gone there in the first place: In general, we don't respect or even understand the culture.

B Will Derd said...

These men are being killed in the most cowardy manner by zealots in the name of that religion. Yet you call them mujahadeen, as I recall. They also murder US civilians, Israeli civilians, Spanish civilians (pretty much anyone who doesn't 'submit'), burn and pilliage over cartoon images and justify their barbarity with long excerpts of commands to the faithful taken from your 'Holy Book'... I could go on. But mostly they murder Iraqi Muslims, Christians, etc. in the name of Islam while declaring Allah is great! So pardon me if I my sensibilites are not confronted by these idiotic pictures which say far more about those with the narrow and unenlightened mindset that dooms Islamic ruled nation to third world status and brutal repression by their own to prevent their self annihilation. What you choose to find most offensive tells much....again.

madtom said...

Graffiti? Is that all you have to complain about?
I guess all that right wing talking points about Iraq getting better must be true. I mean if in all that is going on your complaining about a little graffiti.

You would think that a well educated person like yourself would no be so thin skinned to let a little mindless graffiti get under it.
Remember faith is in the mind of the reader, not in the paper and ink of books or paint on walls. But I would guess you knew all that. You just must want to push the buttons of divisiveness that fuel conflicts like the one that is now raging in Iraq.

Truth teller said...


To tell you the truth, there is no hate and no violence in the Quraan against non Muslims, every other idea is the result of the lies and the misleading informations made by those who afraid from Isalms and so they try to deformed its pictur infront of the ignorant people like you.

You have to admit you are ignorant about islam, your wards are very far from the reality.
Muslims as a whole respect all the prophets who sent by the God, the only one God for all the religions, we believe that all the religions are the same, every one complete the others.

Islam is the update of other religions which proceeded him.
Moslims all over the world respect Moses and Jesus the same way the respect Mohammad. Every one say the contrary is not Muslim.

I think it is very stupid of you to speak about Haddith while you can't understand even a single word from it.
The Haddiths are the direction of the prophet to his fellowers and they are nothing but wisdoms and advises for the better life to the whole community.

He never attacked, plundered, murdered, tortured, enslaved, or let his men rape any body,
and the last sentences of yours is just an indication about how ignorant are you.

You said that these lies are written in Islam's own traditions, I dare you and any other to prove that, they are just a lies of those people who are so scared from Islam to the degree they write lies and fabricated these thing to deforme the fase of Islam.

The sooner you left Iraq is the better for the Iraqis, don't forget you came here with out an invitation, you are not welcomed here, so leave in dignity or you will leave in shame and dishonor.

Truth teller said...


i thing you are write, graffiti is not a thing we should care about those days. you surely know better than any other commenters about what is happening here in Iraq.
But I get bored from complaining from the crimes and the barbarian acts of the US soldiers and there allies.

I will be very grateful if you could write honestly about what you saw and heard here in Iraq.

I still believe that the truth will appears some time when a brave man decide to say the truth about his experience and about what he felt.

Josh said...

Truth-Teller, these are shameful and disgusting images. I am very, very saddened that you and your religion are being treated in this way. For what it is worth this is not the opinion of all Americans.

Truth teller said...

Thank you for your feeling josh.

I am sure it is not the opinion of all Americans.
I lived in the USA some time and know for sure how the Americans feel.

S A R A H said...

Those pictures make me sick.

I don't know what else to say about them besides thanks for posting them. In a purely cynical way, I think people need to see more of those kinds of things. It seems a though (in my area, at least) that people think the U.S. military are perfect, and Gods incarnate. I think pictures like that humanize them, and make people realize that just because they are "from America" doesn't mean that they are "perfect".

The egotism there and complete cultural, philisophical and religious disrespect really really bothers me on more levels than I could ever put into words.


Bruno said...

This isn't new, Truth teller. Many similar reports of casual desecration by troops have been surfaced. I think that its a reaction from the underlying ignorance and cultural hostility of the prepetrators.

BTW, I like the way Christians tend to be the loudest voices when condemning Islam ... evidently they have not read their own Old Testament.

Andrew said...

Well, that's bad, but aren't you more concerned about about what the Americans have done to your countrymen than some book? I just don't get it.

B Will Derd said...

Surah 33:50 -- Could you give an honest translation of that verse TT?

O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee;

I have more, but explain that in light of your rebuke to the ignorant who are responsible for all the inhumantiy in the Muslim world.

Truth teller said...

b will derd

I don't trust you, but if you really want an answer, try this link:

B Will Derd said...
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Truth teller said...

b will derd

Sorry for deleting your comment.
I will delete any comment which contain any insult to Islam.
I think there is no benefits from letting you understand Islam. Any way the link I gave you is enough to any body want to learn Islam or Islamic history.

B Will Derd said...
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I.:.S.:. said...

the first one is a crude, ignorant and offensive defacing of the quran.

the second one, i'd like to think there might be a bit of irony there... in the spirit of something like writing "down with graffiti!" or "babies suck!"

it's hard to tell in this post-ironic age... i doubt the guy even believes in christianity himself...

but no, you're probably right, it's by some depressing semi-literate f-khead grunt (he did get the apostrophe right, though...)

still, i'd like to be optimistic about things, including the occasional american soldier maybe having a surreal sense of humour...


wa salaam...

B Will Derd said...

TT--- obviously there is no point in your adding to my 'understanding' of Islam when you find direct quotes and established historical facts attributed to the founder as insulting to the faith itself--- including direct cut and paste from the site you recommended that gives direct contradiction to the claims you made here! Does irony register with you?

One only need to judge the history and current condition of the regions dominated by the faith to see all they need to know--- ignorance, poverty, death, brutality, tyranny, denial and sullen servitude to those who embody all of the above are its most dominant fruits that seem to follow Islam everywhere it goes. Islam is several centuries behind in its need for a reformation and enlightnement and if you are any indication as one of its 'best and brightest', it will have to wait several more generations. Assuming Islamists don't bring about its destruction in this generation, which I fear is the most likely scenario.

Rob said...

An attempt to overcome religious zealotry of our enemies. While offensive, I find it lies well within America's freedom of Speech, and it should be tolerated.

Mark said...

The first picture shows a "cross" painted on the Quran, however there is no indication of who painted it. The "Marine" in the bottom picture is not a Marine. Also there is nothing in that picture to indicate where it was taken.

Perhaps one day the world will realize that organized religion has caused more violence and death than any other motive......

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