Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Health statistic of Mosul

Last week, while I was doing some work, looking in the health statistic of Ninevah governorate. I found those figures, which look interesting to me.

Total inhabitance of the governorate = 2637327

The number of governmental hospitals = 14. Only 9 inside Mosul city and the other are in the related rural areas.

The total number of beds in those hospitals = 2712

There are 3 private hospitals in the city (not included in this statistic)

The statistic is for the year 2005.

The figures which interested me are:

1- Number of patients consulted the out patient departments during the year 2005= 1254905, and = 3438/day

2- Number of cases to the ERs for different causes = 314619, = 861/day

3- Free of charge operations (including the casualties from military activities) = 161 per day.

4-The number of born baby = 88916, that’s mean 243 new born baby per day,
Two third of them were in the Hospitals and one third at homes.

5-The number of deaths from different causes = 10180 per year, that is 28 per day.

6- The born/death ratio is = 9 (very high figure)

This figure, the born/death ratio is very high, in the developed country it is around 1. The cause is unknown, but I have an opinion in my mind that it may has some relation to the general situation of the city.

The "curfew", force people to stay at homes from the early evening.
The "no electricity" force people to go to bed too early.
The "no heating feul" keep the people close to each other to get some warm.


B Will Derd said...

9 births to 1 death?! That is very interesting, for sure. The reasons for that are very likely as you speculated. Boredom, darkness and close proximity are the ingredients that have helped to make many a baby.

I remember reading a study several years back that found that populations that experience prolonged stresses such as war or disaster almost always have a higher birthrates than during more peaceful times. It was determined that women living under fearful conditions are more fertile and likely to conceive. The study further speculated that this was a natural response evolved from the need to replace numbers during times of high death rates. Sounds like the people of Nineveh are taking care of business in that regard. I like to think of that as a hopeful sign.

Incidentally, it appears that there is a baby boom among families of US soldiers, as well.

B Will Derd said...

Wait a minute--- a population of 2.6 million and only 10,180 died in 2005?
That is .4% according to my rudimentary math skills. That equates to a death rate of 4 per 1000 persons. If it were a country, that would make Nineveh Province among the very lowest in that category in the entire world! It isn't impossible since the surrounding nations of Turkey, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are lower at 5.9, 3.7 and 1.9 respectively, but that sort of contradicts the claims of massive carnage in the streets we have been hearing. (the US death rate per 1000 is 8.2, by the way).

Also, the birth rate figures you quote would put Iraq 34th in the world according to a list of United Nations members. According to their figures for 2005, nationwide there were a little over 3 births per deaths in Iraq, which is still remarkably high. The people of Nineveh must really be picking up the slack for the rest of the provinces...

Robert said...

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BlogIraqi said...

I like how you explain it down and simple. The causes of high birth rares I mean.
I come to disagree with you on the death rate. I think that you are depending on the inaccurate reports of the government. I mean you live there and you know better than I do.
So this comes down to two questions:
Where did you get this number from?
And do you believe its true?

Truth teller said...


I got this statistic from the directorate of health in Mosul. The statistic is form th government.
I had the same doubt like you, but the persons work on the statistic said it is accurate, but only one thing that was not completely corect, and that they only count the number of registered deaths.
The kidnapped, the unknown corps, the prisoners and the unregistered deaths were not included.
They said in spite of that the statistic can be considered accurate to confidential limits.

madtom said...


Hi, long time. I am just dropping you a note to let you know that you and your family are in our thoughts. We have been seeing a lot in the news about the fight moving to Mosul, as if it had ever left, but anyway we hope that you and your family are spared any more trauma and that the war stays far from your door

Be well

Bruno said...

Keep safe in light of the announced "offensive" that the US and Maliki seem to want to launch against Mosul. Please stay out of the way if you can and may good fortune spare you any anguish.

fahad said...

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