Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bad days

Those days are really bad, here in Mosul, there are many accidents of kidnapping, killing and hijacking.

Before a couple of days, a neighbor's son which is 30 years old, married and have 4 children was kidnapped from his shop in the most crowded street in Mosul. Today before noon they found his body with two bullets in his head.

Yesterday, just in front of my clinic, a car hijacked in the middle of the day.
Few hours later a body of two dead guys were found 100 m. From my clinic.

This morning at 6:30 about 50 explosions heard, later we knew they were a mortar bomb against an American base. One mortar bomb fell on the house of my close friend's brother, thanks God no body hurt in the house.

The most striking thing is the car hijacking, it is aimed at a certain car mark (BMW). The stolen cars leave the city toward the north. According to police Officer, more than 70 hijacked car a day. One of the incident the thieves were knocking the door of the house and when they open the door they threatened them with gun, either to die or let the thieves take the car. From their accent, they were probably a Kurds from Sulaimanyia.

There is a big shortage of gasoline those days. The line of cars at the gasoline stations may reach several kilometers. The price of gasoline at the black market is 10 folds its original price.

The electricity is very bad, it comes twice a day for max. Two hours each time, the neighborhood generator is stop working because there is no diesel fuel.

The water supply for domestic use is un sterilized, it is highly contaminated, and unsuitable for human use.

Even the air is polluted from the smoke of the old cars, the diesel machine of the generators, and etc.

This is our condition two years after the iberation/occupation.


waldschrat said...

On the plus side the weather forcast says nights may be a little cooler starting Monday.

Irishcoda said...

It sounds so horrible, so scary. I'm sorry that you & you're family are living this way. :(

Hurria said...

Waldschrat, it is the lowest of the low to belittle the troubles of others, particularly when the situation is so horrible. You should be ashamed.

waldschrat said...

Hurria, I only offered a small hope gleaned from the weather forcast for Mosul. It is all I HAD to offer. What you read into it is your own perception.

Exadios said...

It must be frustrating working as a doctor under these conditions.

Rosebuds said...

I wonder if this has to do with the coalition forces rousting bad guys out of the cities to the west and south and now they are moving again towards Mosul like they did after Fallujah. Hopefully they are stealing cars to scatter and run like the cockroaches they are. The coalition seems to be running new coordinated operations everyday in a new city or town in An Bar(sp) province that is forcing them to scatter. I hope they keep running north...right into the Peshmerga!!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Because of the insurgents blowing up pipelines and smugglers tapping into them, the people are caught between a rock and a hard place. When someone described Iraq as the Wild West they weren't far off.

Mad Canuck said...

I am sorry to hear about all the problems you are having in Mosul these days. It must make you feel really shaken up to have this sort of thing happening all around you.

Hurria said...


Helloooooo! The thieves who are stealing the cars and driving them north are angelic Kurds from the territory of our dear "president" Jalal Talibani, not those evil "Sunni insurgents".

Hurria said...

Waldschrat, when you live in fear of your life 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and when you have no useful services, and no water suitable for bathing, let alone drinking or cooking, and when you see no end in sight for your misery, it is not "hopeful" to have someone sitting in comfort and safety half a world away chirping at you cheerily about any trivial thing he can find to chirp cheerily about.

schrodinger said...

Hi TT, very interesting blog. I'm sorry things are so bad for you in Mosul.

From an American perspective I don't see much changing. Americans are stubborn and we have a very stubborn President who hates to admit failure. There is no way US troops get pulled out before 2007 or 2009. The President's party, the Republicans, are dropping in popularity and look like they will probably do badly in November 2006. There are a couple of reasons for this, not just Iraq. If it is a real disaster in the elections then troops might get pulled out in 2007. The most likely thing is that the troops stay until Bush is kicked out of office in November 2008. A lot of powerful people in America will lose face if they have to admit that America has been defeated by insurgents, so it will be very difficult to get troops withdrawn. In Vietnam the US fought on for years after it was obvious that the war was lost, and Iraq will be no different.

Another reason America won't leave right now is because of oil. The world's oil producers are struggling to meet demand. Iraq produces 2mb/d out of a total world production of 82mb/d. A loss of the Iraqi production would bring a major recession for the whole world and big trouble for Bush and his party in the next election. US troops will stay in Iraq to make sure the oil keeps flowing, until there is enough spare capacity built to make up for the loss of Iraqi production. That will take a few years.

In the long run we may try to split Iraq into three parts. South Iraq would stretch from Basra to Karbala. It would be run by the Shiites and would control the southern oil fields. North Iraq would be run by the Kurds or the Turks. It would have oil and might include Mosul because the oil pipeline is nearby. In Central Iraq, we would lose to the insurgency. Providing food, water subsidized gasoline, etc. to the people would then be the insurgency's problem. Central Iraq would include Baghdad but would have no oil. It would probably be desperately poor. Maybe the Baathis will win, or maybe Al-Quaeda will win and set up their Caliphate. Mosul may be in this sector if the pipeline can be re-routed and if it stays troublesome.

I realize that this plan may sound idiotic to you but I think it will make a lot of sense to Americans. This way, we only lose in one third of the country, and the oil flows are protected.

P.S. Campers in the US use portable water filters ($60 here) or iodine tablets ($6 here) to make water safe to drink. I don't know if these are available in Iraq.

waldschrat said...

Hurria - on top of my other sins, the weather man lied to me about Monday night, I think. Perhaps Tuesday night?

Hurria said...


You did not do anything for us.

Hurria said...

Waldschrat, why do you insist upon trivializing the misery of people who are living in a hell on earth created by your government?

Exadios said...

"It is obviously the fault of us Americans.":

Well we did obviously, and illegally, invade Iraq. If you wish to complain about "25,000,000 whining Iraqis" then you should direct your complaints to the administration who are criminally responsible for the invasion.

BTW following on from our "Iraq precedent" anybody got any news of the invasion of Turkmenistan?

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"You did not do anything for us."

That is correct. We did not do anything for hard-core baathists or Saddam loyalists.

Exadios said...

"We did not do anything for hard-core baathists or Saddam loyalists.":

Which raises the question for whom have we done anything for?

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Thank you exadios for that introduction.

maybe these people?

Exadios said...

"...these people.":

I see. So we invaded Iraq to bring cell phones to the people of Basra. They don't need cell phones. They don't need electricity. They don't need functional hospitals. They have cell phones.

So, given the the precedent our cell phone invasion has produced, when are we due to invade Turkmenistan? They are short of cell phones too. Or what about Uzbekistan (one of our allies)?

strykerdad said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hurria said...

No, lynette, you did not do anything for Iraqis. Your government attack, invaison, and occupation of Iraq never had anything to do with doing anything for Iraqis. It has always been all about furthering the perpetrators' own objectives.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

No electricity down south? Hmmm, maybe you should mention that to these people:

"Fao itself is like many southern Iraqi cities--a collection of widely dispersed pre-fab=fab cement blockhouses, separated by large fields of scrubby plants, concrete debris and trash. In the "center" of town stands a deserted amusement park, its ferris wheel inert, the other rides rusting and inoperable. Since it's Friday, almost no one's working, and the heat made even the fishermen--their colorful skiffs, canoes and boats crammed together in crowded berths--seek the relative cool of the shade. Meanwhile, on the horizon east of the city, three huge pillars of black smoke rise into the thin blue sky, marsh fires erupting on the Iranian side of the Shatt-al-Arab.

In a small room inside building bearing the English sign "Educational Union," Layla and I meet with the town notables. Unlike most Iraqis I've met, they are surprisingly upbeat: security in the town is excellent, they have 24-hour electricity, water is okay--their only real problem, in fact, is unemployment, but a new port expansion project, set to begin within a few months, promises to remedy that situation."

Please note, exadios, the statement about security being excellent. Perhaps that has a little to do with the other issues?


And our objectives would be....? No, no, wait, I know! The control of all of the middle east oil? Did I guess right?

Exadios said...

"Perhaps that has a little to do with the other issues?":

Exactly. And what was our plan to address the "other issues"? We didn't have one. And what is our plan now to address the other issues? If we have one we are unable to execute it. See the problem?

I don't think much of your source. A colonial carpet bagger writing for National Review is not a credible source for anything. Plainly, in the author's opinion, the majority of Iraqis deficient in that hold "grandiose fantasies, and conspiracy theories". I suspect that he would find other Arabs equally unworthy of his attentions.

I've been to Fao in the 1970s. I can tell you one thing. Fao is not Iraq. Its a large oil terminal with a small town attached. Are you suggesting a Fao led recovery for Iraq?

I'm not sure where you got your Fao quote. I do not see it mentioned in the article at all.

Any news of Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan yet?

Hurria said...

Yes, Lynette, one of your government's several objectives for the long-planned conquest of Iraq is control of the Middle East oil supply.

Moron99 said...


check out Sen. Joe Biden with regards to Iraq. He is a democrat from Delaware. He is not the "foaming at the mouth" mad dog type that will exagerate or decieve in the name of party politics. Although he will refrain from saying certain things because of party politics, what he does say is usually straightforward, direct, and honest. Amoung other things, he realizes that the role of the minority party in Washington should be constructive rather than destructive. As such, his opinion carries much influence amoung both parties. He recently went to Iraq. Upon his return, people from the administration are known to have asked his opinion and advice. If you get yourself up to date on Biden then you will deepen your understanding of the american prescence in Iraq including the past, present, and future (from the perspective of american lawmakers).

richsanter said...

Hurria –

[hurria] “Yes, Lynette, one of your government's several objectives for the long-planned conquest of Iraq is control of the Middle East oil supply.”


I’ve run across this “Lynette” before. Don’t hold your breath while waiting for her to discuss the finer points of the Carter doctrine or the Sykes-Picot agreement. She might just, however, be capable of producing a rant about the evils of Saddam Hussein, and how that legitimises the perpetration of the same evils by the US & its friends.

Lynette –

[hurria] You did not do anything for us."

[lynette] ” that is correct. We did not do anything for hard-core baathists or Saddam loyalists.”

Gee, well, I hate to rain on your parade, but perhaps you might want to write a *strongly* worded protest to the US DoD to stop supporting the Baathist Allawi, or for that matter, these people:

Old brutality among new Iraqi forces
By Jill Carroll, The Christian Science Monitor

“In fact, many of the old members of Saddam Hussein's security forces are filling the ranks of the new police units and security forces. And many of these hardened soldiers practiced in the brutality of his regime initially received no Western-style training, says Robert Perito, an expert on post conflict security at the US Institute of Peace.”

But then, it is no surprise that the US works so well with these people, given that it worked so well with them in the past:

CIA Lists Provide Basis for Iraqi Bloodbath
By Hanna Batatu

The following is an excerpt from The Old Social Classes and the Revolutionary Movements of Iraq (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1978).

“In this excerpt, Hanna Batatu describes the ferocious violence of the Ba`athists when they came to power in their first coup in Iraq in early 1963. Of special interest is his mention of the lists, which he believes U.S. intelligence provided to the coup-makers. Evidently, the CIA helped bring Saddam Hussein’s thuggish party to power and fatally weakened the prospects for Iraqi democracy. Some reliable sources believe that more than ten thousand were killed and more than a hundred thousand arrested in the coup and the bloody weeks that followed, described by historians Peter and Marion Sluglett as “some of the most terrible violence hitherto experienced in the postwar Middle East.” (pp. 985-987)

You tell me that American Intelligence was behind the 1957 events in Jordan. Permit me to tell you that I know for a certainty that what happened in Iraq on 8 February had the support of American Intelligence. Some of those who now rule in Baghdad do not know of this thing but I am aware of the truth. Numerous meetings were held between the Ba`ath party and American Intelligence, the more important in Kuwait. Do you know that . . . on 8 February a secret radio beamed to Iraq was supplying the men who pulled the coup with the names and addresses of the Communists there so that they could be arrested and executed. [Al-Ahram, 27 September 1963] ”

I must say, the good ol’ US is truly an amazing thing.

All that is needed for bad, evil Ba’athists to become good, loving Ba’athists is for them to work with you. Wow. I mean, the force of your “goodness” is so overpowering that ANYBODY can continue on their usual murdering ways and yet remain snow white.

You oughta be a brand of detergent or something.

Exadios said...

"If you get yourself up to date on Biden then you will deepen your understanding of the american presence in Iraq...":

No, I'll have a deeper understanding of Biden's view of our presence in Iraq. That is quite different from having a deeper understanding of our presence.

In any case I've spent a number of years in the ME. And I a number of first hand sources. I suspect I know more about the area than Biden does.

Biden Accuses Bush of Misleading on Iraq is the latest from Biden on the subject. Misleading is a synonym for lying.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

My apologies. The Fao quote came from . It is not mentioned in the Basra article, but is referenced at the bottom.

"Are you suggesting a Fao led recovery for Iraq?"

Why not? Everyone has to start somewhere.

Without security there can be no reconstruction. The people who support those who blow up innocent civilians, destroy pipelines, kill government officials, threaten voters etc. because of their fear of U.S. motives contribute to the chaos. Do you see the problem?


Is it not true that the ones who benefited the most from Iraq's oil were Saddam and his supporters?

Is it not true that some of the countries that opposed the U.S. led coalition's invasion of Iraq benefited from economic ties to Saddams government?

Is it not true that the U.S. could simply support lifting sanctions from Iraq and BUY the oil?

Is it not true, that the use of civilians in Iraq as human shields by insurgents, is done because they do NOT CARE AT ALL for the well being of Iraqis?

Is it not true, that the use of civilians as human shields by insurgents, is because they think that WE DO?

If we only become involved in a country militarily because they have oil, then please tell me when they discovered oil in Afghanistan?


Well hello there. I haven't seen your scintilating keystrokes for awhile! I'm sorry, too many comments too little time. I will be back to respond at a later time.

Rachel in London said...

Truthteller - I wish there were something I could do.

The US will not leave Iraq for 20 years, unless God expels them. They need a new source of oil, they want to ensure that Iraq oil is traded in petro-dollars not petro-euros (which would lead to a collapse of the dollar as a global currency), they have established *huge* military bases in Iraq - the better to threaten Iran.

And the Bush administration is ensuring public support by seeing to it that the US people never realise - until too late - how many Americans have died, for nothing.

(The Republicans still don't care how many Iraqis die for nothing. But the above new web site project should make it harder to keep themselves ignorant of the enormous cost in young American lives.)

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Ooops! I can see I forgot an ending command or something in my link for Exadios. Sorry about that! If you click on any of the blue you will be able to see where the Fao quote came from.

Hurria said...

"We did not do anything for hard-core baathists or Saddam loyalists."

On the contrary, you did a very great deal for them. You sought out and recruited the bloody-handed former members of the mukhabarat, gave them jobs in the "security services", and are paying them big money to do some of your dirtiest work for you. You appointed them to key positions in ministries and other parts of the "government", and then ensured they would keep those positions for at least five years no matter what by making it a matter of law. You have repeatedly "warned" the so-called "elected government" against removing any of the Ba`thists from the security services or any other positions you gave them. In fact, Donald Rumsfeld made a trip to Iraq specifically for this purpose.

And you have also done a great deal for them by making life in Iraq into such a hell on earth for ordinary Iraqis that many of them who hated Saddam the most now remember his rule as the good old days.

Hurria said...

Dan, do you have anything substantive to add to the discussion, or is hurling personal invective the only contribution you have to make?

Moron99 said...


You seem to hear the things that you want to hear and ignore those that you do not. Listen to the whole body of work that Biden represents if you want to gain understanding of the perspective from which US lawmakers operate. Until you do that, you can not possibly hope to correctly ascertain their motivations and priorities. Which, at present, is profoundly mistaken.

Hurria said...

Oh, yes those "Iraqi liberals" are such scum.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

In the interests of fair play, let us read a little more of Hanna Batatu's writing (from the same source):

"Be that as it may, it is necessary, in the interest of truth, to bring out that, insofar as the names and addresses of Communists are concerned, the Ba`athists had ample opportunity to gather such particulars in 1958-1959, when the Communists came wholly into the open, and earlier, during the Front of National Unity Years – 1957-1958 – when they had frequent dealings with them on all levels. Besides, the lists in question proved to be in part out of date."

Now, I have never claimed that the United States was the embodiment of perfection. Far from it. However, we are not the evil geniuses that the conspiracy theorists portray us as.

I think we subscribe more to the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" type of thinking. It is perhaps not always wise.

But I think maybe it is a way of thinking that is common. You only have to look at the alliances some people in Iraq seem to have made to see that. People who think of the United States as their enemy may then assume that al-Qaida is their friend. It is an assumption that may not be wise either.

Hurria and Bruno,

Regarding the current state of affairs of the security forces. Given enough time their start up could have been done more thoughtfuly and carefuly. But unfortunately we were not given the luxury of time. You may thank the insurgents and perhaps the impatience of the MSM for that.

Which Ba'athists in the ministries are you referring to, Hurria?

Mattyc said...

I am personally amazed at all the media liners being tossed around in these comments. As if ANYONE can really get a handle on what's happening in Iraq and why. The average 'person on the street' in Europe or America has no clue what's happening behind closed doors. People in America rant and rave against republicans, but the democrats MUST share blame for playing the game of politics as the UK, people rave against Tony Blaire for this or that...and then we all complain that the media isn't giving us the whole truth - then we take what the media spits out to us and use it in all our arguments. That's just sad.

An Italian. said...

Truth Teller,

I'm sorry for the hard life you & your family have in 'liberated' Mosul. Try to keep safe in these dangerous times; but, God willing, the brainless invaders will be pushed out of Iraq soon.

It seems that our warmongering American friends are getting more and more desperate & incoherent, as witnessed above by the absolutely inane jibe by the Beast in Minnesota about "hard-core baathists or Saddam loyalists", or by the appalling insular sillyness of Dan about you as "an Iraqi liberal".

What is a 'baathist or Saddam loyalist'? Could you tell us? Who is, and who isn't? Or is the soubriquet 'baathist or Saddam loyalist' just your definition of all those, all around the world, who oppose your mindless Iraqi adventure? And, if the silly tag of 'baathist or Saddam loyalist' is instead to be applied only to Iraqis who oppose your beastly occupation, could you please be more detailed on what it means?

What is, in the name of God, an "Iraqi liberal"? And what is a "liberal", first of all?
I do strongly suspect that from your oh so civilised neck of the woods (LOL) in the States you have absolutely no clue to the very meaning, in what is officially your own language (English, albeit of the Ahmehwican variety), of the word 'liberal'. Please, tell us, what is a 'liberal'? And what is an "Iraqi liberal"?

You warmongering US critters should at least agree beforehand, among yourselves, on the terminology... (but, maybe, your intellectual abilities are not up to the task).

An Italian. said...

@Dan, 6/23/2005 06:07:11 AM & 06:11:36 AM.

I wrote: "maybe, your intellectual abilities are not up to the task".

It is very nice to have what one suspects confirmed so quickly; thank you, Dan!

Exadios said...

"Why not?":

Well, as a plan, at least it has has the advantage that it maintains the same Alice in Wonderland that the whole invasion disaster.

"Do you see the problem?": Yes I saw the problem in March of 2003 and before. But we have already covered this. If we want to start reconstruction we will decide to implement the prewar security plan. No problem.

Crew Koos said...

Next one will be better

If you want more, check out:

Exadios said...

"...ignore those that you do not.":

I see that you did not understand my previous. I will expand. I am sure that you will appreciate the weariness I feel at having to do this, especially for a person who can barely make it into the top 100 of the moronic hierarchy.

I'm not ignoring Biden's position. I am rejecting it. I believe that we should withdraw our troops now. I reject the notion implicit in Biden's various statements that we have the right to colonize Iraq in order that we may convert that country into a battle ground upon which we may fight our wars. I reject such signature characteristics of colonialism such as extra territoriality and the resulting violation if Iraq's sovereignty. And so on.

There is a prima facia case against our President, Vice President and Secretary of Defense (among others) for war crimes. I am not interested in Biden's views on how we should fight an illegal war. I'm only interested in Biden's actions in aid of ensuring that those officials are the object of criminal indictments. That is, I want to hear him urging his House colleagues to impeach those officials and his commitment to remove them on the evidence.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"You warmongering US critters..."

US critters??

Oh Italian, you have such a colorful way with a phrase!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Steven Vincent
In the Red Zone:

"the Sunnis fight to free themselves from foreign "occupation!" Really? Think for a moment what would happen if America were to do as the Sunnis claim they wish: withdraw from Iraq. Into the vacuum would pour Shia and Kurdish militias, eager to avenge decades of oppression and the death of hundreds of thousands of their kinsmen--and the continuing violence the Sunni "insurgents" inflict upon their people Shia and Kurdish memories are long and they are drenched in blood. The Sunni's make up 20 percent of the population. Who would win?

This fundamental fact is missed by all who blame the U.S. for the "insurgent" violence: the Americans stand between the Sunnis and the militias of those whom they oppressed for decades. Or, to put it another--bleaker--way: it is the American presence that protects the Sunnis, even as it allows them to attack and kill our troops. This is tribal warfare at its most tragic, most pointless, most nihilistic. The Sunni leadership brought it on and they have maintained it for no rational or legitimate purpose."

Truth teller,

Any comment on this?

Truth teller said...

lynnette in minnesota

"Into the vacuum would pour Shia and Kurdish militias, eager to avenge decades of oppression and the death of hundreds of thousands of their kinsmen."

Before the invasion, there were no any problem between the Sunni & the Shia or between the Sunni & the Kurds. In fact most of the Kurds are Sunni. The oppression against some section of the Shia and the Kurds are for political reasons, and was by Saddam and the Baathies not by the Sunni. If you look to the Baath party, you see more than 70% of them were Shei. The southern governorates of Iraq were the most loyal to Saddam. So don't try to assume it is a problem between the Iraqis themselves, it is all made by the invasion and by those who came to Iraq on the back of the American tanks, in association whith the propaganda of the western media. The American present is not protecting the Sunnis but it provoked the sensitivity between the Sunni and the Shia.

BTW In my openion, if the Americans want to stay in Iraq for a long time, They should change their attitudes with the Sunnis. Because the Sunnis will never accept the oppression of the Americans. In addition the Shia will not stay a loyal allies to the American for ever.

"The Sunni leadership brought it on and they have maintained it for no rational or legitimate purpose."

There were no Sunni leadership what so ever, Sunni is not a party or a tribe, and not a political movement. They are just Muslims, follow the instructions of their religion, obey the Quraan and what the prophet Mohammad said.

Hurria said...

Lynette, what you present is very interesting. The only problem is that it has no connection whatsoever to anything that exists in real life.

strykerdad said...

I read today that the government of Iraqi kurdistan, as they seem to be calling themselves, just transferred 35,000 peshmerga fighters into the iraqi military. They will retain a little over that number in their own militia. I guess that would indicate the Kurdish run areas are reasonably secure and are ready to lend a hand to areas like Mosul, tal Afar and regions south. This seems encouraging news to me, but i am ready to be slapped down by the nattering nabobs of negativity---always loved that phrase.

strykerdad said...

I have learned Iraq was a land flowing with milk an honey all lived in peace while feeding their children from the fruit of gumdrop trees which grew along the rivers flowing with milk chocolate---then America screwed it up for everybody! Actually, things must have seemed pretty good if you were among the protected class, living at the expense of those who where filling the grave/trenches scattered about the country. Ruling class? Sectarian divisions? not in their neighborhood, they all get along and take what is given, oblivious to those who have nothing. Those who wish for more say so at their peril, so nothing is said and the conscience of the ruling class is not offended. Seems those protected classes dominate the internet, which makes sense as they have the most money and therefore access. But those who had saddam's boot on their necks can be found, and they have names for the elite who, though they tell themselves they did not support Saddam and thought him evil, would happily go back to the time when they benefitted from his opression. They pretend everyone in Iraq shares their opinion and are blind to the cost paid by others for the relative security they demand today. But don't expect them to lift a finger to bring them what they demand as their birthright. After all, everything was fine until America came along.

Moron99 said...

Huria & Truth - can either of you explain why the Sunni leaders wishing to participate in the constitution committe are assasinated?

The constitution is the simplest, easiest, most direct, and least costly method of getting the americans out of Iraq. One simple line in the constitution saying that foreign troops are not allowed within Iraq puts an end to the US military. The act of assasinating sunnis who participate in the constitution extends the stay of US troops whereas the act of joining the committee shortens it. It would appear that these assasinations are proof positive that the insurgency is not about occuppation. It would appear to be proof that the insurgency is motivated by the goal of causing the existing government to fail and achieving control of Iraq for themselves. So why are Sunni leaders who participate in the constitution committee assasinated?

richsanter said...

Lynette --

[lynette] “Now, I have never claimed that the United States was the embodiment of perfection. Far from it. However, we are not the evil geniuses that the conspiracy theorists portray us as.

I think we subscribe more to the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" type of thinking. It is perhaps not always wise.”


[lynette] “Regarding the current state of affairs of the security forces. Given enough time their start up could have been done more thoughtfuly [sic] and carefuly. [sic]”

Mm. I see.

So basically you ARE admitting to the USA turning to the Ba’athists in order to kill thousands of Iraqi communists in the 1950’s. The fact that the Ba’ath may have been able to gather the lists themselves, or that your US hit lists were out of date does not change the fact that the US government colluded and still colludes with mass murderers, torturers and butchers when it suits it.

Thank you for confirming your earlier statement as a lie. Thank you for confirming that Ba’athists are acceptable to your country when they are on the “right” side.

An Italian –

[It] “Or is the soubriquet 'baathist or Saddam loyalist' just your definition of all those, all around the world, who oppose your mindless Iraqi adventure?”

LOL, it’s true! I just love the way the US is able to demonise a particular group, and frame the discussion in such a way that the “evil” of such a group is instantly accepted and beyond question … while all the time dancing around the fact that it has worked with that same group since the ‘50’s.

Naturally, if one opposes the current venture, then one is automatically included in the “evil” flavour-of-the-month group, personal views notwithstanding.

Despite of course, the fact that most of the people ranting and screaming about Ba’athists have no idea as to what a Ba’athist is, what their philosophy was, and how Saddam’s version of it fits into the larger picture. Yet we are treated to the spectacle of a total dimwit like “Dan” coming here to give us his “analysis”, ROTFL. Gee, I wonder why people delete the nuggets of pure gold that are his posts … ?

(Hm. “soubriquet” I haven’t come across in a while. It sounds so French and smarmy … I’ll just have to use it soon! ;) )

Dan said...

I see that I have been censored again. "Truth Teller" obviously wants some information kept off this blog.

In American law books, under "deception," this is called "lying by omission."

It is a shame that invectives can be thrown at me and my nation but when I field them and throw them back, my words get deleted.

This speaks legions about "Truth Teller's" true intentions.


Dan said...

A much more truthful link about what is going on in Mosul is:

richsanter said...

Dan --

If you had some sort of value to add to the blog, perhaps you might have a point about the censoring. Even the 'stryker' family, who I certainly don't agree with ... meet this minimal criterion. You don't.

richsanter said...


Interesting comments. Although to say THIS:

“I have learned Earth was a land flowing with milk an honey all lived in peace while feeding their children from the fruit of gumdrop trees which grew along the rivers flowing with milk chocolate---then America screwed it up for everybody! Actually, things must have seemed pretty good if you were among the American class, living at the expense of those who where filling the grave/trenches scattered about the world.”

Would be far more accurate, doncha think?


Well, I guess you ARE an American Fascist, so you WOULD protect your privileged position acquired through the oppression and suffering of others … it only makes sense.

With regards to your little statement:

[strykerdad] “Those who wish for more say so at their peril, so nothing is said and the conscience of the ruling class is not offended. Seems those protected classes dominate the internet, which makes sense as they have the most money and therefore access.”

… all I have to say is that if one looks at the poorest of the poor in Iraq right now, one will find that they are the Sadrists, and that they support the expulsion of US forces from Iraq. That’s right, they are INSURGENTS. Just the other day 300000 mixed Sadrists and Sunnis gathered in Firdous Square to protest the invasion. Wow. Rather odd that these two “mortal enemies” should associate themselves in such a manner, if your statement were true, of course.

An Italian. said...

@Stukasdad, 6/24/2005 04:35:00 AM.

You wrote, "the conscience of the ruling class is not offended. Seems those protected classes dominate the internet, which makes sense as they have the most money and therefore access".

Dear Stukasdad (and all ignorant Americans, moronic Moron99 and Beast in Minnesota included), it seems that it doesn't occur to you that in Iraq an educated, rather 'modern' middle & upper class did exist decades before Saddam came to power. It did comprise people from all denominations and ethnic groups. They weren't necessarily 'Saddamists' before, nor are they 'Saddamists' now. Some, having jobs in the civil service, where subjected to pressure to get the Baathist party card, like in analogous European regimes from the Thirties: and this, again, does not mean that they were, or are, Baathist (the Baath party had on the whole about three million card-carrying members, out of a population of about 25; but Baath membership never coincided with the educated classes).

The identity 'educated classes = Baath party' is just a figment of your binary thinking (which human children generally grow out of by the age of seven), and of the latest propaganda line some genius in the States invented ('S**t! Those damn Iraqi bloggers turned against us! So them are all Baathists, that's why!'), and that the most disingenuous or gullible or both among you spread without shame (like all the previous lies, 'interpretations', and clownish propaganda).

It seems that you don't realise that this latest bit of grotesque sillyness on your part (just like all the preceding ones) makes every Iraqi having access to the Internet laugh like mad; and it has the same effect, I can tell you, on all those people from the rest of the world who have got the slightest idea about Iraq, its reality and its history.

Having disposed of this bit of clownery on all the educated Iraqis being Baathist, now we are waiting with anxiety for the next preposterous trick of your propaganda (or party line; the difference between the propaganda of Saddam and US propaganda being that, while the first made nearly all Iraqis laugh, and the second makes all the world laugh, most of you poor Americans, unfortunately, believe your own propaganda like if it were gospel!).

An Italian. said...

Dear Truth Teller,

I have a humble prayer to address to you.

The brightest, most intelligent and informed, most polite and most courteous of our warmongering American posters, Dan, complains about being ‘censored’ (“I have been censored again. ‘Truth Teller’ obviously wants some information kept off this blog”, Dan, 6/24/2005 02:17:21 PM).

Please, Truth Teller, don’t delete his ‘comments’ (LOL!) from now on. Don’t ‘keep off’ from all readers the most important bit of “information”…. i.e. the real SNOUT of America, revealed for all the world to see!

strykerdad said...

Were any of the educated, relatively affluent middle class opposed to the Saddam regime they now claim to have had no love for? Or did they keep their mouths shut while many around them suffered and died in an effort to seek some justice? Or died because their existence was inconvenient for the group providing the affluent some security? Not all Germans were Nazis, but they were culpable in the Nazi crimes. Okay, maybe not all are Baathists, many secretly wished for more open government, maybe some even mourned for the massacred--but they did nothing about it and do nothing now but complain because the electricity is unreliable . That makes them guilty to some degree for the crimes committed so that they could be comfortable and Iraq could ignore the injustices and crimes committed by the regime. Those who sit and complain and do nothing are responsible every time a murderer blows up the women and children in their city and neighborhood. If you are among the group who benefitted from the Saddam regime, you have nostalgia for those times, and you may even risk your life to prevent justice from ever being visited upon you. If you suffered, and I read and converse with many who fit that category and tell me they even fear openly saying so online to this day, you may be willing to risk your very life to bring some justice to Iraq. And justice is to be feared by many Iraqis, some of them I suspect can be found here. Yes, I know that is seen as incredibly simplistic by the intelligentsia of the left who still seeth with rage at the decline of communism and the continuing failures of socialism, but nothing is more simplistic than the hate America crowd. It is their answer to all the world's problems and a deflection of all responsibility from themselves. And they get to pretend to be oh so smart while arrogantly doing it! At least they can be amusing on some level.

The Dr. said...

To leapfrog on StrykerDad's post...

If you really value freedom, liberty and individual rights, YOU going to have to fight for them. Freedom is never free. Farmers with old guns fouhgt off the British in our revolution 230 years ago. Frankly, we Americans do not see Iraqis willing to fight for their freedoms. Yes, the Iraqi army is getting on its feet, but they can't do it without you. The terrorists can only operate in your country if the citizens acquiesce, which seems to be the case.

As painful as it sounds, the Iraqi people need to get off their asses and fight with the Americans and Iraqi army against terrorism and fundamentalism.

I only wish you well, and desperately want Iraq to be a prosperous and peaceful nation.

We are with you, but you must also stand up for yourselves the best you can.

An Italian. said...

@Stukasdad, 6/24/2005 06:21:13 PM.

Only those Iraqis (like Truth Teller and Hurria), whom you accuse of complicity in Saddam's crimes (!),can answer you properly.

But there is something slightly illogical in your post, and even anybody who is not Iraqi can see it immediately.

Beings like you and all your crowd of fanatical American Saddamists keep ranting about the crimes of Saddam's regime, inflating the number of its victims, like if they were ANY excuse for the crimes you have been committing in Iraq.
So, who were the people Saddam's regime imprisoned and killed? Were they all Kurds and illiterate Shiites?
Don't you suspect, my simpleminded Ahmehwican, that possibly many of the victims of the regime belonged precisely to the educated middle and upper classes?

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Truth teller,
Thank you for your thoughts on that piece.

"Before the invasion, there were no any problem between the Sunni & the Shia or between the Sunni & the Kurds."

Then there should be no problems with them working together to write a fair and just constitution that protects the rights of all the Iraqi people.

Like Moron99, I too am curious as to your opinion on who is killing the Sunni's? And their motive?

"..nothing is more simplistic than the hate America crowd. It is their answer to all the world's problems and a deflection of all responsibility from themselves. And they get to pretend to be oh so smart while arrogantly doing it! At least they can be amusing on some level."


Wiser words have never been spoken. They deserve repeating.

An Italian. said...

@Atkinson, 6/24/2005 09:31:40 PM.

I'm not Iraqi, but believe I can comment your sanctimonious, patronising homily to the Iraqis ("If you really value freedom, liberty and individual rights, YOU going to have to fight for them. Freedom is never free").

Yes, of course: that's precisely why an increasing number of Iraqis, of all classes and creeds, are joining against overwhelming odds the Iraqi resistance, to throw out of their country your beastly troops and their minions, and to achieve freedom.

"the Iraqi people need to get off their asses and fight with the Americans".

No, poor deluded advocate of US invasions and war crimes, let's rewrite your sentence like this: "the Iraqi people need to get off their asses and fight THE Americans"; then it will make some sense!

Just today, at least six of your apes-at-arms, the cowardly US Marines, were blown to smithereens in Fallujah.
Do you remember what your propaganda was saying last November? That you needed to destroy Fallujah in order to stamp out Iraqi 'terrorism' (i.e., those who resist your demented occupation)!
What are you going to do now? Are you going to flatten Fallujah a second time? Your plans in Iraq have already been defeated, precisely by the courageous stance of many Iraqis.
Are you in denial and delusional, poor 'Atkinson'?
Reality is there, and all the world sees it.

Moron99 said...


Where exactly do you get you information from? According to all but the terrorists themselves, the number and strength of people against the government is relatively constant wheras the Iraqi government becomes a little stronger with each new day. In areas where there is no insurgent activity people are enjoying security with relatively reliable electricty and water. Additionally, unemployment is dropping and reconstruction projects are under way in these areas.

and - by the way - US plans in Iraq are nowhere close to being defeated. If you think they are, then you do not understand them. Let me give you the short version - 60% of Iraq is Shia, 20% is Kurdish, and 20% is Sunni. The US plans in Iraq are to give 60% of the power to Shia, 20% to Kurds, 20% to Sunni and let them figure out amoung themselves what they want to do next. Unfortunately, the baathi power base was amoung the Sunni. Instead of accepting 20% they choose to fight for 100%. So they get nothing but misery while the Shia and Kurds get to split everything. Tough luck. Meanwhile the other 80% is building a country for themselves. My guess is that if the sunni keep trying to blow it up, then the other 80% will at some point stop making offers to share. Poor, poor, pitiful sunni. They are digging a sewage hole themselves. When they are stuck in it, who will they blame?

Heiko said...

I am not Iraqi, nor American. I was born in Germany and now live in the UK.

Germany's been "occupied" by American troops for the last 60 years. They aren't "beasts" in my personal experience. Germany's done rather well under US "occupation", and "resistance" is exceedingly limited.

In fact, even resistance against Soviet occupation was overwhelmingly non-violent. None of my relatives blew himself up as a suicide bomber.

I am not sure about truthteller's position on the use of violent resistance. However, I do not see, how it can at present help ordinary Iraqis in any way, shape or form.

Think of Afghanistan and Eastern Germany or Poland. Afghanistan got years and years of civil war after getting rid of Russian troops, Eastern Germany and Poland fought for freedom with basically no violence.

John said...

Moron, once again, following this enlightened comment, "US plans in Iraq are nowhere close to being defeated. If you think they are, then you do not understand them. Let me give you the short version - 60% of Iraq is Shia, 20% is Kurdish, and 20% is Sunni. The US plans in Iraq are to give 60% of the power to Shia, 20% to Kurds, 20% to Sunni and let them figure out amoung themselves what they want to do next."

The whole point really, whenever you take the opportunity to take a deep breath, and re-engage yourself in some other pleasurable activity is that in reality, its really not up to the Americans is it? America plans to give power to who?? who did you suppose would ever consider the reasonableness or legitimacy of America to define a power base in Iraq! You've invaded a country Moron, and now you're scripting their political identity and future. Have you ever supposed that world domination is not something America has been particularily good at. Your embracing of this ideology doesn't really seperate you from any other tyrannt within worlds history, does it?

Maybe you're the sort of person who would feel more comfortable under an occupation and feel more comfortable having a foreign entity telling you how to live your life! Given your distorted view of reality, maybe this big brother totalitarionism, your orwellian vision of wet dreams should be confined to your own night terrors and self abuse!

Your insatiable desire to infect everyone else with it is really starting to piss me off!

Moron99 said...

John, it is quite simply that the people of a nation ARE the nation. Let them determine their own future through voting and let the government serve them accirding to the wishes of the people. The only political identity being scripted is
a.) all humans are equal
b.) all humans have an inalienable right to peacefully participate in politics
c.) all peoples have the right to define their own nation and force the government to comply

exactly what is wrong with these premises? I would put forth that such a system is far more Islamic than anything the Baathi put together.

Hurria said...

Moron99, the "Baathi" (sic) follow a secular ideology, not an Islamic one, so of course their system is not Islamic - as if you knew the slightest thing about Islam and what is Islamic, or Ba`thism and what is Ba`thi.

Moron99 said...

secular does not mean that one must abandon Islamic values.
All people are equal. Power is not legitimate unless it is given freely and willingly. Would you like me to link Mohammed's last speech for you?

Hurria said...

Now Moron99 is prepared to spout tons of authoritative sounding nonsense about Islam. Do go for it, Moron99. I can't wait to see the mistakes you are going to make with THIS one!

PS Yes, yes, I know you can google and find just about anything you want.

Hitech Luddite said...

TT your entire post has a false ring to it when you say.

"One of the incident the thieves were knocking the door of the house and when they open the door they threatened them with gun, either to die or let the thieves take the car. From their accent, they were probably a Kurds from Sulaimanyia."
Why oh why would Kurds, the people from the one part of iraq that is stable come to mosul and steal a car? I realize there are kurdish theives but your comment sounds like unfounded tribalism and you as an educated man should know better.

Moron99 said...


"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over a white - except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not therefore do injustice to yourselves. Remember one day you will meet Allah and answer your deeds. So beware: do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone."

I think the words from the prophet's final sermon speak well. Final sermon. His very last chance to speak to his people. You would think that he would wish to speak of big things and avoid the small things.

Dan said...

Bruno: This is an international forum, obviously. I have said some very pointed things. I have had some of them deleted by the sponsors of this blog.

If my input were so nasty as to be deleted then, certainly, I have made a point and touched some nerves. At the very least, if my words had been left un-deleted then they would certainly convict me as a nut case in the eyes of the Internet world...and words have been deleted.

Since my last two comments have remained un-deleted, I am inspired to continue posting on this forum. Thank you Truth Teller!

I will try to contain my frustration with the situation in Iraq and to be more rational. It may take me a day or two to collect my thoughts. I will though.

I think that the Internet is a remarkable achievement by our species in that it allows us all to air our differences without media interpretation or governmental interference.

Thanks again, Truth Teller.

"I'll be back."


An Italian. said...

@moronic Moron99, 6/25/2005 01:00:22 AM.

First of all, as John noticed, the US have no rights whatsoever to invade a country and impose its will on its inhabitants, even if its will were for the best things in the world.

Second, what you write about this Iraqi Interim Government made up of sectarian gangsters (al-Jaafari, al-Hakim and al-Sadr), mafia bosses (Talebani and Barzani), crooks (Chalabi) and charlatans (al-Yawer), with the loyal opposition of precisely Baathist thugs (Allawi), all of them of appalling incompetence, and about the way the Iraqi population sees them, is completely false.
It would be enough for you to read some Iraqi sources in English (for instance to see that what you write is just your wishful thinking... but you are a notorious liar, so the point is moot.

"Unfortunately, the baathi power base was amoung the Sunni".

Not just a liar, but an incompetent liar as well.
Saddam's power base was his cronies, his relatives and tribe in Tikrit, who happened to be Sunni. But, as anybody that has any idea about Iraq knows, most of the members of the Baath party were Shiites (surprise, surprise!), including Ramadan, one of the top leaders.
This sectarian and ethnic division of the Iraqis in Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds is just your ignorant US propaganda, aimed at dividing and conquering the Iraqis: it has no basis in reality.

An Italian. said...

@heiko, 6/25/2005 01:33:21 AM.

You are making an empty comparison between situations that cannot be compared, having very little in common.

Germany was occupied by the Americans and by the Soviets because it had tried, under Hitler, to conquer the world (like the US Neo-Cons are planning to do now).

The Germans, having been the aggressors, having followed the genocidal Hitler, and having been defeated in a bloody world war, were in no condition to 'resist', and had no moral right to 'resist' occupation.

Your comparison between post-1945 Germany and post-2003 Iraq is just comical.

An Italian. said...

@hitech luddite, 6/25/2005 09:37:44 AM.

"Why oh why would Kurds, the people from the one part of iraq that is stable come to mosul and steal a car? I realize there are kurdish theives but your comment sounds like unfounded tribalism and you as an educated man should know better".

No, Luddite, it is you who should know better, and educate yourself. About the whole traffic of stolen cars and goods from Baghdad northwards is run by the Kurds, with the oversight of the two mafia gangs, disguised as political parties, the Kurds unfortunately chose as their leaders. Even the lootings of April 2003 were to a great extent committed by organised Kurdish gangs that swarmed into Baghdad according to a pre-arranged plan.

Most of the economy of Iraqi Kurdistan is based on illicit traffickig and smuggling to Turkey.
Do, please, inform yourself better.

Truth teller said...


"This is an international forum, obviously. I have said some very pointed things. I have had some of them deleted by the sponsors of this blog.
If my input were so nasty as to be deleted then, certainly, I have made a point and touched some nerves."

You have the right to know why I deleted your post..
Read with me:

"Yea, yea...It is obviously the fault of us Americans. We got rid of Saddam for you and now there are 25,000,000 whining Iraqis who are unable and unwilling to kill 10,000 thugs.
You outnumber them 2,500 to 1 and still want someone to protect you from them.
Posted by Dan to A Citizen Of Mosul at 6/21/2005 07:11:40 AM "


" Schrodinger is a dishonest idiot and a tyrant's fool.
Posted by Dan to A Citizen Of Mosul at 6/21/2005 07:18:02 AM


I am an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Army.
If you don't want my opinions then get off the Internet with yours.
Posted by Dan to A Citizen Of Mosul at 6/21/2005 10:03:25 PM


" Truth Teller. You are a liar and a coward. You do not believe in freedom.
These statements are evidenced by the fact that you deleted my comments.
Reap the whirlwind bitch.
Posted by Dan to A Citizen Of Mosul at 6/22/2005 09:18:38 PM


"I have more things to do with my time than to get censored by a disgruntled and disillusioned Iraqi liberal.
"Truth Teller" is NOT the only blog in Mosul that I communicate with.
Posted by Dan to A Citizen Of Mosul at 6/22/2005 10:10:42 PM "


" Yes, Hurria, you ARE scum...the SCUM OF THE EARTH.
I hope that some of your terrorist buddies kill you, preferably by cutting your head off on video while chanting "Alihu Akbar."
Posted by Dan to A Citizen Of Mosul at 6/23/2005 06:07:11 AM "


" An Italian: I don't think anything good has come from Italy since pepperoni pizza. Perhaps you would like Mussolini back.
Posted by Dan to A Citizen Of Mosul at 6/23/2005 06:11:36 AM "


So what you think..??
BTW I have copies of all your posts. If you want I can post them!

an italian

"Truth Teller, don’t delete his ‘comments’ (LOL!) from now on. Don’t ‘keep off’ from all readers the most important bit of “information”…. i.e. the real SNOUT of America, revealed for all the world to see!"

Tank you italian I will do what you asked.

Heiko said...

You misunderstand what I am saying "Italian". Germany, today!, is "occupied" by US troops. There are 70,000 or so, I believe, in the country. It's been occupied for 60 years, not just by US but also by Soviet troops.

The troops in the country today are often the same people as the ones in Iraq, they are being rotated regularly.

So, that's my first point. From personal experience, I haven't made the experience that these troops are "beasts" or that "occupation" is bad for Germany today.

Secondly, I was making a point about what "resistance" is effective. Poland didn't invade any other countries. Yet, it behaved in just the same way Germany did after WWII.

One can reasonably argue that they had a "right" to resist first the Nazi and then the Stalinist occupier, but that fails to readily answer another question, namely what are the best means to do so.

So, my second point is in summary that whatever you think about the "occupation", it is wisest to oppose it, if you wish to oppose it, by largely peaceful means. The cost benefit ratio of violent resistance in Iraq just doesn't seem right virtually no matter how you look at it.

Violence is only ok, if it is both well intentioned and effective at transforming these intentions into reality.

If the aim of the resistance were a free and peaceful Iraq, I don't see how these noble motives can be transformed into reality through virtually any violent means at their disposal.

One other example I cited here is Afghanistan in the 80's. Resisting Soviet occupation was kind of successful in terms of eventually getting Russian troops out, but it was hardly successful in terms of making the country a better place for its people.

John Paul II didn't use violence either against Hitler or against Stalin, but what he did do was much more effective than the violent means chosen by many in Chechnya, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, or now in Iraq.

Truth teller said...

Attention, Attention,
Urgent help needed

The sound of an Iraqi doctor, shouting to the whole world:

“Listen…we witnessed crimes in the west area of the country of what the bastards did in Haditha and Al-Qa’im. It was a crime, a really big crime we have witnessed and filmed in those places and recently also in Fallujah. We need big help in the western area of the country. Our doctors need urgent help there. Please, this is an URGENT humanitarian request from the hospitals in the west of the country. We have big proof on how the American troops destroyed one of our hospitals, how they burned the whole store of medication of the west area of Iraq and how they killed a patient in the ward…how they prevented us from helping the people in al-Qa’im. This is an URGENT Humanitarian request. The hospitals in the west of Iraq ask for urgent help…we are in a big humanitarian medical disaster…”

Any one who can help, please do it now.

To the Americans who claimed they are here for help, it is the time to prove yourselves.

Dan said...

Italian: Thank you!

Now the record is there for all the world to see. It is also instructive to the world to see the COMMENTS THAT I WAS RESPONDING TO.

Yes; I have much anger and frustration in me concerning the state of affairs in the world. Perhaps we all do.

I disagree with much that is said on this forum (blog). Yet, I should specifically address those issues that irritate me and explain why in more depth. I will do so in the future.

"In the final analysis, we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's futures. And we are all mortal."
---President John F. Kennedy

I was 6 years old and living in Texas when JFK got his head blown off in Dallas in a public execution that has gone un-punished to this day.

Thanks again, Italian.


Dan said...

Truth Teller:

If you have video of this, please make it available on the Internet for all the world to see.


Dan said...

I thank YOU Truth Teller. I got in a hurry and thought Italian posted my deleted entries. It is YOU that I thank.

My bad...'Sorry about that.


strykerdad said...

Breathlessly awaiting the proof of American atrocities, TT. This isn't as entertaining as your post about giant attacking spiders protecting Fallujah from the invading American Marines, though. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! More clumsy propaganda alert! As a man of medicine so concerned out of love for your fellow Iraqis, I'm sure you are tirelessly organizing a relief effort---unless you don't believe your own BS, "truthteller"? Still waiting, but not really breathlessly---that was an exagerration on my part. You know what I mean.

waldschrat said...

The only info on conditions at Al Qaim Hospital which I could find searching Yaho's news files is in the following pictures taken June 12.

The photos suggest that the hospital was operational and undamaged as of that date.

I hope I may be pardoned in suspecting tht doctors do not always recieve accurate reports regarding the cause of their patient's injuries. Yet they see the injuries, and know with certainty tht people have been hurt.

What was the source of this plea you have transmitted, Truth Teller?

Hurria said...

Moron99 pontificates:

"the baathi power base was amoung the Sunni"

Then how do you explain the fact that nearly 2/3 of the faces on the Americans' "most wanted" deck of cards were faces of Shi`is?

Hurria said...

"the two mafia gangs...the Kurds unfortunately chose as their leaders."

Actually, no, Italian, the Kurds did not ever choose Barzani and Talibani as their leaders. Most Kurds if they could choose freely, they would not choose these two bloody, brutal, corrupt dictators, who are more like Saddam than like democratic leaders.

An Italian. said...

@heiko, 6/25/2005 05:43:17 PM.

About your first two paragraphs: they have nothing at all to do with Iraq. As I told you in my previous answer to you, comparing the US occupation of Germany and the US invasion and present occupation of Iraq is just comical. And even in places, like Germany or Italy, where there are US bases, it is nothing resembling the Iraq of today in general terms (those US troops are not going around the streets of Germany or Italy freely killing German or Italian civilians, like they are doing in Iraq). But, anyway, even this kind of 'gentle' occupation creates problems from time to time: like here, in Italy, when some few years ago (1997) some happy American pilots, being a bit, let's say, 'over-happy', cut the cable of one of those turistic things in Cermis, killing 20 (twenty) people, and there was no way to bring them to justice; or when two years ago three of them, from the base of Aviano (where about 100 US WMDs, or atomic warheads, are stored), raped an Italian girl, and there was no way the Italian investigators could question them.

As far as Poland goes, my dear 'heiko', first of all: they DID resist the Nazi occupation big time, in arms, up to the Warshaw insurrection of 1944, with hundreds of thousand people killed. Second, they waged a guerrilla war against the Soviet occupation up to 1956 (1956! what uninformed crap are you spewing, 'heiko'?), with tens of thousand people killed.
The result was, in the second phase of the struggle, against the Soviets, that the occupiers had to change tack completely, in 1956, in order to get some 'compromise'.

As far as Iraq goes, I do feel that all Iraqis who do not like the US occupation and rape of their land (BTW, Mesopotamia is one of the main cradles of human civilisation, and the very cradle of Western civilisation: so that when I see what these American apes are doing there, my blood just boils) should create a political front for their resistance against these inhuman invaders; and that they should use all means of struggle, peaceful AND armed, precisely like the Polish nationalists did, in order to throw out of their country these most beastly Americans.

You are quoting our Holy Father, John Paul the Second; sorry 'heiko', during the Second World War he was a member of that great movement of Polish resistance that threw, in arms as well, together with all the free peoples of the world, the Nazis out!

One has to coordinate political struggle, and armed struggle, in order to achieve freedom: and the US troops of today are not much nicer than the Nazi troops of sixty years ago...

Moron99 said...


you are either poorly informaed or intentionally deceptive. Nazi policy was to kill 10 civillians in direct retaliation for any German soldier harmed by any armed resistance. If the US behaved as Nazi's, then any IED that harmed 10 US soldiers would immediately result in 100 Iraqis from the nearest town being publicly executed.

An Italian. said...

@Dan, 6/25/2005 07:56:38 PM.

"I was 6 years old and living in Texas when JFK got his head blown off in Dallas in a public execution that has gone un-punished to this day".

Now, my most intelligent American Dan, I do confess that the 'hidden link' does, sort of, escape me: what the heck has the (US) conspiracy that killed JFK (i.e., John Fitzgerald Kennedy) got to do with Iraq???

When it happened, I was seven, and everybody here in Northern Italy was commenting about that further 'strange coincidence', Jack Ruby killing Lee Oswald.

OK, Dan, who killed JFK? Was it the 'Islamofascists', Dan? Was it 'them eeevil Ay-rab Ragheads & Sandniggers'? Was it the effing 'Jihadis' whatsoever, or them eeeevil 'Baathists'? Or, generally, those most eeeeevil 'Eyrakians'?

Yes, I do confess that I'm a (rather logical) conspiracy theorist, Dan: I do suspect that the same crowd who did kill JFK did do 9/11.
So, yes, in some way, you are right: those (American) criminals who killed JFK (and about 160 witnesses in just one year after that) are the same who engineered 9/11.
Were they 'Baathist', 'Islamofascist', or whatever, Dan? No, of course, they were American criminal bastards: your effing pals, me man Dan! Possibly, your Neo-Con brothers.

I do share your concern about the JFK assassination (and, five years later, the assassination of his brother): but what the heck it has got to do with the US invasion & occupation of Iraq?

Could you, please, show in what way the Iraqis were accomplices in the JFK assassination?

Dan, my plea to you is: just go and punish!
Your are an ex-serviceman, you have got the gear.
Every Neo-Con, or FBI man or woman, or CIA, or NSA, or Secret Service you meet, put one into his/her head; possibly you won't get those who killed the Kennedys, but them bastards are their accomplices, for sure.

An Italian. said...

@Stukasdad, 6/25/2005 09:14:50 PM.

Oh yeah, you see the way we stupid human beings are.
In the last twentyfour hours, I was thinking: 'What, if one of the two (son & daughter) this idiot criminal Stukasdad has got in Iraq is one of those who were blown up by the Iraqi resistance yesterday? It would be very cruel to keep calling him the names he rightly deserves; I'll have to tell him that I'm sorry for his loss'.
From now on, Stukasdad, be sure that I won't extend any condoleances if one or both of your spawn are blown to very little pieces by the Iraqi resistance. They just deserved it, since they have got an idiotical father.
Be sure that all videos Truth Teller mentions will be released: but you animals will just poof-poof them, so what?

An Italian. said...

@Hurria, 6/25/2005 11:28:30 PM.

"Actually, no, Italian, the Kurds did not ever choose Barzani and Talibani as their leaders. Most Kurds if they could choose freely, they would not choose these two bloody, brutal, corrupt dictators, who are more like Saddam than like democratic leaders".

Dear Hurria, I'd love to think that these two bastards, Barzani and Talebani, these two cherryes from the same evil tree, were NOT chosen by the Kurdish population. I did see that there were, at least in the ballot box, alternatives, including some genuine all-Kurds movement, like the PKK.
Now Hurria, maybe I got it wrong: the Iraqi Kurds just voted the two bunches of mafiamen because they were the 'official', US-approved, face of an independent 'Land of the Kurds'. I'm quite sure that any hope put into the parties (or mafia gangs) of the two bastards will come to nothing: both of the mafia bosses leading the whole thing were not just betrayed many times by their foreign allies, but they betrayed each other, and with the open help of the 'evil enemies'!
This is, indeed, a tragedy: a real national Kurdish movement should, as a first thing, get rid of these mafia clans.
But, Hurria, there was, anyway, a damn ballot box: how it was that more than 80 % of the Iraqi Kurds voted for these two gangs of mafiamen, the KDP and the PUK? I do imagine that most Kurds of Iraq thought: 'OK, KDP & PUK are just two loads of criminals, but they are the only way we can register here'.
So the thing is quite troublesome; while hating the US invaders of Iraq (and their fake elections), I cannot be sure, as far as the Kurds go...

An Italian. said...

@ the moronic beast, Moron99, 6/26/2005 04:47:19 AM.

"you are either poorly informaed or intentionally deceptive. Nazi policy was to kill 10 civillians in direct retaliation for any German soldier harmed by any armed resistance. If the US behaved as Nazi's, then any IED that harmed 10 US soldiers would immediately result in 100 Iraqis from the nearest town being publicly executed".

No, it's you who are, moronic Moron, quite 'deceptive': are you not able to read the Iraqi news?
Now, my beast, you say: "Nazi policy was to kill 10 civillians in direct retaliation for any German soldier harmed by any armed resistance".
It is, quite simply, not true. The policies of those murdering bastards were different from place to place, and from month to month. Sometime it was 1 to 10; sometime it was 1 to 100; and sometime it was 1 to 1,000, according to place and time.

And precisely THIS links the Nazi bastards to the present American bastards, who do the same: in Fallujah 1, April 2004, you American criminals got a ratio of more than 1 to 100 (four of your disgusting mercenaries had been culled, moronic Moron; but you murdered more than seven hundred people, didn't you?).

And in Fallujah 2, subhuman and disgusting Moron99, you killed more than seven thousand people, didn't you? No use comparing your losses to Iraqi losses: you are just a bunch of genocidal Nazis, you American apes, face it!

strykerdad said...

Italian--you off your meds? You are even more hatefilled, paranoid and conspiratorial than usual. I take great comfort in knowing persons such as yourself oppose my country and its military. If you were on my side I would truly have to reconsider everything I believe. Not to 'poof poof'your statements(is that a europeon phrase?)but they are less relevant than the proverbial barking of the dogs as the caravan rolls by (that is a phrase that always comes to mind with the reading of your every post). I picture you as a toy poodle, just so you know. I don't know if you intend to be such a caricature of anti-Americanism, but you may have talents unrealized as a comedian. Keep practicing, your amusement value increases with every post.

And I await the proof of American atrocities---and if you have time, I'd love to see some of those giant attacking spiders who protected Fallujah from the invaders. I wonder if TT got this story of hospital- medicine destruction and the giant spider story from the same source? He loves to quote this crap, but rarely says were it came from. Propaganda in the best traditions of the Saddam regime--TT=Baghdad Bob? Now that guy was funny! Try to be even more like him, if you can.

Heiko said...

Truth Teller,

I'd love to help. My wife would be worried about me, if I went personally, no worry is the wrong word, she was worried when I volunteered for 2.5 months in Northern Ireland.

Somehow, the "resistance" has managed to communicate across the notion that any foreigner in the country for any reason whatsoever (apart from joining the resistance) is a target for having their head chopped off and would be likely to die without heavy protection.

But that still leaves funds or equipment. You could do some fundraising via the internet, or maybe point out what medical supplies you are short of and work out how they might be best sent to you.

Hurria said...


The fact that the two Kurdish warlords and their parties were "elected", and even the fact that there were alternative choices, does not mean much in terms of how the majority of Kurds view these two corrupt despots, or whether it is the kind of leadership they want. There are many, many social and political factors involved on many different levels, many of which are closely intertwined. You cannot simply look at the results of an "election", particularly in the circumstances we see in Kurdistan right now, and draw the conclusions you have drawn.

Just one of the factors, and in my view perhaps the biggest one, is the degree to which Barzani and Talibani and their organizations are deeply entrenched in every aspect of Kurdistan's politics, economy, and society. In many ways they are, and have been for decades, the glue that holds Kurdistan together politically and economically, and socially as well. It is difficult to imagine the disintegration that would result if suddenly they were removed and replaced by an entirely new party. Particularly in a time of upheaval and uncertaintly, people tend to want to stay with what they know, even if it is not really what they want.

Rachel in London said...

Thinking of you and your family, Truth teller, now - as the UK media reports yet more suicide bombs in Mosul.

Dan said...

"A third attacker strapped with a belt of explosives walked into Mosul Jumhouri Teaching Hospital at 2:15 p.m. and blew himself up in a room reserved for police officers guarding the facility, killing five policemen, police Brig. Gen. Wathiq Mohammed Tahr said."---AOL...Photographs available to all.

Hey Truth Teller, are you helping with the relief effort? Are you friends with the Police Chief in Mosul or are you glad your "insurgent" buddies are eliminating your doctoral competition through terrorism?

You gonna' blame THIS one on the Americans too?


Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"You outnumber them 2,500 to 1 and still want someone to protect you from them."

I'm sorry, Dan, on this I will have to disagree with you. There are people in Iraq who are some of the bravest on earth. Their problem is that they don't realize it.

“Listen…we witnessed crimes in the west area of the country of what the bastards did in Haditha and Al-Qa’im.


There are always two sides to every story. To be fair you must listen to both.

"A few days ago, just after dark, the insurgent slime set up an ambush from a hospital in Hadithah. Howdy and I just arrived to provide overwatch for a company sweeping through that area on both sides of the Euphrates river responding to an earlier attack. Suddenly the night sky lit up with a bright flash just as we happened to be turning away from the city. We turned back immediately and saw an enormous mushroom cloud caused by a suicide slimeball slamming an explosive laden vehicle into a Humvee carrying 3 Marines and 1 Navy corpsman.

A firefight erupted. Insurgents hiding in a hospital and nearby palm grove began shooting at the Marines and firing multiple RPG’s. The Marines immediately responded with fire from .50 cal’s and a variety of other weapons. The fight was intense with stuff flying in all directions. We were cleared hot to engage the enemy, but there was no way for us to do that since they were too intermingled with the Marines. Our only contact with anybody on-scene was with a very overwhelmed and understandably shook-up fellow fighting for his life and others. Frustration and anger mounted as we watched the firefight progress. Things were much more complex than can really be described here. The weapons on our attack chopper are devastating - if we were to engage, there was a very high probability that we would kill our own Marines. So we were forced to watch the carnage and screen for additional suicide vehicles bringing more death to the scene.

As the long night progressed, a meched-up reinforcement platoon eventually arrived to extract the 7 wounded and 4 angels – our term for KIA’s - as well as drag the disabled and destroyed vehicles away. We try not to leave anything behind that could be used for trophy’s – certainly not any bodies. While this was going on, the scumbags set the hospital on fire, further endangering the lives of the 40 patients within. Incredibly, the Marines entered the hospital and began clearing it, killing one insurgent and capturing another. Additionally, they rescued all the patients in the wing that was burning."

Hurria said...

"There are people in Iraq who are some of the bravest on earth. Their problem is that they don't realize it."

And you know this based on your vast knowledge of and direct experience with Iraq and Iraqis, right, Lynette? How much time HAVE you spent in Iraq, Lynette? None? Oh, well, then, how many Iraqis do you actually know personally? Okay the, how many have you actually met?

strykerdad said...

Lynnette, I have come to the conclusion that TT probably doesn't believe many of the things he repeats. I've noticed he tends to take things he hears or reads and posts them, rarely ever committing to an opinion other than one the reader might assume from his having posted it in the first place. So one is left to infer that he is pro insurgency, not in favor of outside Islamic factions but appreciative when they strike Americans, and is against the formation of a government that would reflect the interests of the majority. His reasons for those views are open to conjecture, but reasonable conclusions can be drawn. It is obvious he is anti-american, willing to spread vile lies about American forces and to do so in a more subtle way than most others. But he is an enemy nonetheless, even if we assume he is an ineffecive one. His screen name does indicate an appreciation for irony, though. By the way, I have met some Iraqis personally. Through others very close to me I have come to know several who live in Mosul, I correspond with others--and I can tell you that they confirm your statement that there are many courageous Iraqis who believe in a positive future and have no nostalgia for the days of Saddam. They deserve admiration and respect as they are putting everything on the line, not sitting back and complaining, contributing to the chaos by their in-action at the very least.

waldschrat said...

The URLs for photos from Al Qaim hospital seem to be busted so I'm posting another for the search I used to find them:

4 photos dated June 12 show no indication or mention of damage to the hospital. I do not know the whole truth, of course. I wonder if a medical professional in Iraq could simply telephone the hospital and ask what their current condition is.

John said...

Waldscrap, an admission to not knowing the whole truth, I finally agree with you, your propensity for half truths always seemed to be a prominent feature of your charming self!

And Sykdad, I would assess your coming to conclusions, similar to Wcraps half truths, better TT would let his own empirical evidence stand in support of his view rather than your cheerleading from afar and deriving as support for your relentless arguments, google searches and your troops interactions with collaborators! I'm sure you may have stumbled, at some point, over people who are courageous but they certainly don't seem to have had a positive influence over your incessant cowardice. Your really a sad pathetic excuse for a human being, who I find offensive at the best of times. Your opinion of TruthTeller really says more about you, and reinforces your sorry sad assed view of reality. The fact that you continue to wallow in an offensive, gratuitous, perverse satisfaction over the evil misdeeds of your murderous occupation defines your failure as a father, your entirely morally bankrupt view of humanity and your status as a shining example of a truly unethical human being. I feel sorry for you and your total lack of compassion!

America will one day be compelled to bring their troops, home. I feel a sadness for all the sons and daughters of Americans who have to be sacrificed before this happens. To fufill your insane passion for death.Let alone for the quagmire America has turned Iraq into. Under the guise of democracy! Iran is another example of your avalanche of freedom! Once again america has proven itself to be totally inept at regime change, or their ability to define world order! Bring your troops home now, overthrow Bush!

Dan said...

John: America will NOT be compelled to bring their troops home by the likes of YOU.

Brave Iraqis ARE coming to the aid of their country but TT is NOT one of them.


Dan said...

"Terrorists continue to disregard the health and safety of Iraqi citizens and those wishing to secure the country. A number of terrorist attacks over the past ten days have killed many and injured many more Iraqi civilians, including policemen, in northern Iraq. These attacks have directly targeted and disregarded civilian lives."


strykerdad said...

Yawn, thank you. Once again you bring levity with you. Empirical evidence------good one. You gonna accept 'empirical evidence' from a guy with no stated source and made a post about giant attacking spiders? OK. The rest, equally classic leftist anti-American pap. Sorry, just can't let slander slide. I reserve compassion for those who struggle to improve their own conditions and those around them. I have little left for those of you who denigrate or defile the efforts of those that serve their country, be they American or Iraqi forces. I'm sure you are as disheartened by my view as I am of yours.

Thanks for the link, I too have been seeking proof that TT isn't a purveyor of propaganda. I had not seen these pictures, but saw several others. Speaking of propaganda, did you see the captions accompanying the rueters photos? Did those people, one of them very young, look like they had been wounded by a US MARINE sniper? I gotta figure a 50 caliber round, most likely--or .308 in some cases--is gonna leave a bigger mark than those individuals were displaying. Not saying they didn't need shooting, who knows what the circumstances were, rueters didn't say. They just throw out the charge as fact like they always do. But saying they were targets of US snipers is very suspect---or face it, at least as ridiculous as the claims of a wantonly destroyed hospital and medical supplies for all of western Iraq.

Mad Canuck said...

Italian: "From now on, Stukasdad, be sure that I won't extend any condoleances if one or both of your spawn are blown to very little pieces by the Iraqi resistance. They just deserved it, since they have got an idiotical father."

What has this debate devolved to? Are we that inhuman that we can wish death on a man's children like that? Italian, I realize you may have been angry when you wrote this, but I suggest you re-read what you wrote and consider its ramifications. Throwing around hateful comments like this serves no purpose other than to inflame tensions and make people incapable of absorbing whatever else you may write.

I have been sitting on the sidelines watching this debate, but this statement just went way too far for my liking.

strykerdad said...

Oh, it matters none to me, Canuck. I have had to come to terms with the fact that there are people in the world that wish my children dead. One more is no great burden. It is they who are among them and have access to exposives that truly worry me. When I say I find this entertaining, I am not being sarcastic. If Italian relieves some need in the expression of such things, I am willing to be the target. Others with that mentality are willing to kill themselves and as many others as possible over such pointless and misdirected hate. I myself have at times been contentious, wishing to engage others who are so opposed to my own views, though I hope I haven't in any way conveyed hate for, or wished harm on anyone. I don't think anyone comes here expecting to have their views changed-there are blogs for such things and this is clearly not one of them-they come to feel their views are vindicated. I know mine have been.

Truth teller said...


"I'd love to help."

Thank you very much heiko, it is enough for me to hear these words.
But if you insist I can only point to the needs I really met in my work. We had a society for assisting patients with Ostomy (Colostomy, Iliostomy or Urostomy). There are an appliances used to help those patient take care of their Ostom, mainly Ostomy Rings and Pouches. These appliances are not available now, nither in the hospital nor in the market.

The patient who have Colostomy are mainly those with cancer of the Colon, but others as those with bullets injury to the abdomen may also need colostomy appliences.

If you or any body want to help, you can send these Ostomy appliances to the oncology hospital which in turn supply it them to the patients who need them.

We all the Iraqi,(Arabs and Kurds, Sunnis and Shias)- will appreciate your assistant.

strykerdad said...

TT, if you are sincere in your request, I may be in a position to help supply some of what you need. I know someone who will be retuning to the US Army surgical hospital there in Mosul in a few weeks. If you could be more specific as to the item and place for delivery, I will see if I can help or put you in contact with someone who certainly can. There is nothing they'd rather do, when given the opportunity. Of course, it would probably be quicker if someone from your group contacted the Army hospital directly and told them of your need. Instead of blaming them for the situation, you might try cooperating with them---I know for a fact that they want to help and do, every day, despite the great risk to their own lives and being away from the places and people they love. Just a suggestion--maybe you could stop slandering them and help them do what they want to do, which is to help Iraqis form a peaceful society so they can get the hell out of there.

richsanter said...

Strykerdad --

[strykerdad] “Not all Germans were Nazis, but they were culpable in the Nazi crimes … That makes them guilty to some degree for the crimes committed so that they could be comfortable and Iraq could ignore the injustices and crimes committed by the regime.”

So I take it that, using your logic, all Americans are to some extent implicated in the crimes that their country commits overseas? That’s pretty harsh, given that I reckon most Americans are simply pig ignorant about what goes on outside their borders, but I’ll bear it in mind for future reference.

[strykerdad] “His reasons for those views are open to conjecture, but reasonable conclusions can be drawn.”

Yeah, damn, what a nut, huh? Wow, he must have some pretty strange reasons for opposing the magnanimous US plans for Iraq. Let’s see, maybe these could fit the bill:

(1) You invaded his country
(2) You killed his countrymen.
(3) You allowed the destruction of at least a portion of his cultural heritage.
(4) You let the Iraqi infrastructure fall into even greater disrepair than under Saddam
(5) You managed to double the child death rate due to malnutrition
(6) You managed to blow up half the country and award yourselves contracts for repairing the same damage
(7) You paid yourselves out of Iraqi funds, leaving any future Iraqi government fundless and dependent on foreign aid (read US funds) for operational costs.
(8) You subjected ordinary Iraqis to beatings, degradation and sexual abuse.

Well, these are just off the top of my head. I’m sure a real Iraqi could add to the list.

Oh, and by the way, your incessant harping on the ‘giant spiders’ is not exactly scoring you any points in the comprehension stakes. If you carefully read his post on the spiders, he is sceptical when he refers to the claim of the spiders, but refers the reader to the picture of the spider, asking one if one believes that it is ‘for real’. You have completely misread the post.

Moron 99 --

[m99] “The US plans in Iraq are to give 60% of the power to Shia, 20% to Kurds, 20% to Sunni and let them figure out amoung themselves what they want to do next.”

Excellent plan. If the rest of the world invades the US, we’ll be sure to divide up the power 15% to the blacks, 15% to the latinos, 30% to the Christians and 40% to those living close to Canada. Seems like a real fair plan to me.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"I was and still anti Saddam but when it comes to choosing between two evils, Saddam is much better than the occupation."

Truth teller,

I have a confession to make.

Because of some things that Najma wrote on her blog when she first started writing and because of the tone of many of your posts or links I thought that you were....., how shall I put this?

Either a go between for Ba'athist's
in Syria and insurgent cells in Iraq or perhaps simply a propaganda mouthpiece for them. Hurria, in this scenario, of course makes a really good spy.

Therefore in that statement that you made(that I quoted), I assumed the first part to be a lie and the second to be just propaganda. But I think perhaps that I have tried and convicted you on the basis of circumstantial evidence, as so many Iraqis do us. For that I apologize.


Is he our enemy? Perhaps. Is he Iraq's enemy? I'm not so sure. He might be a true nationalist who resents our presence and sees his country falling apart and doesn't know who to turn to for help and who to trust. I don't know. As much as we do not understand the many layers of Iraq, they do not understand us. If you get a chance, you should pick up Steven Vincents book "In the Red Zone". I don't know if his analysis is accurate or not, but it gives one a different take on things in Iraq.

Unfortunately, the static caused by the obsessive anti-American crowd does not help us understand one another very well. Maybe it would be a good idea to tune them out for awhile.

strykerdad said...

Bruno--Yes, I think the US has some culpability in the sorry state of the Mid east. Not as much as old Europe, perhaps. We have some culpability in the crimes of those we supported in the interest of securing oil supplies. We are doing something about it at great costs, trying to help them develop a system based on the will of the people and law. Should TT be bitter that his relatively secure existence under the Saddam regime as been forever lost? Sure. Should he enjoy having his nation humiliated in a military defeat-twice, wars brought on by the actions of their leaders? Probably not. But there was a war, Iraq lost. Their way was not working. It isn't hard to find Iraqis who are thankful that Saddam is gone and are willing to sacrifice to take full advantage of the new possibilities. There are worse things than being defeated by the most powerful, wealthy, and generous nation in the history of humankind. Get over it and get on with what comes next, which could be a new era for the whole region. Or keep up this pointless and idiotic 'resistance' and remain the world's cesspool. Who do you think will 'win' if the 'ressitance' is successful? The whole thing is tragic mess for which there is ample blame to be passed around, but what is the most logical and desirable solution? There is no logic to the resistance unless it is to impose their will on those who would not submit willingly as seems to be the Iraqi way. Do you think they would allow free elections or recognize individual rights?

The spider thing? I read it and my point remains that he gave the story any credence at all, even entertained a possibility that it could be true. In light of that, do you then accept at face value his posts about US military being responsible for IED's or their wanton destruction of medical facilities and supplies, or the indiscriminate killing of civilians? I see something like these posted by anyone, I will refute it unapologetically.

Lynette, speaking only for myself, anyone who distributes lies about my nations military at war is my enemy. That doesn't mean I neccesarily wish them any harm, far from it, but I do wish for the defeat of their ideology.

Moron99 said...

It already is divided up that way Bruno. Or, if you prefer - 50% of the power to women and 50% to men. Or maybe you'd prefer to say 50% to the urbanites and 50% to the rural. Whatever dividing lines you wish to draw, each person gets one vote and no candidates are prohibited from competing.

Truth teller said...


" If you could be more specific as to the item and place for delivery."

The items are Ostomy appliances which include Ostomy Rings, and Ostomy Pouches, of different sizes.The sizes which were available before are size 45, 57, 70, and 70mm, for both Colostomy and Urostomy, they differ only in the shape of the pouches.
The place of delivery should be to the Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Hospital in Mosul as the Ostomy clinic is hold there. And the patients consult that hospital for the appliances.
The society I mentioned consist of pioneers (4 specialist doctors, 2 nureses, and one paramedic help in registering the cases. We have more than 500 patient registered. all the appliances we recieved was donation from some organizations, mainly from Canada.

waldschrat said...

At last, something practical that we might be able to do for you folks!

I have a couple of tentative suggestions for folks (including me) interested in helping wth the ostomy supplies problem: ( link ) seems to sell the sort of stuff you need online. I phoned them and they seem willing to ship to Iraq. Tentatively Fedex may be the best US shipper because Fedex reportedly does deliver to civilian addresses in Mosul (although I have no experience with this so can not positively confirm it).

The main problem I see is that the number of different products at is HUGE and confusing, and there is a high probability that a person who did not understand what was needed might choose the wrong product.

Truth teller, I urge you to decide if can sell what is needed and, if so, to work with us to try to help you.

I talked by phone with a lady pharmacist named Cynthia Hacherl at and she says it might be possible for people who want to contribute to simply use ther credit cards to transfer money to for payment of anything you want delivered to the ostomy clinic at the Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Hospital in Mosul Iraq, and for you to use this money to order the exact things you need.

Alternatively, if you can tell us the exact things to send we can each try to send what we can.

strykerdad said...

TT, I am sending emails to persons known to me who are serving in Mosul with the US Army in their capacity as medical professionals and others as support and supply personel. If I am unable to secure some help through those sources, and their own hands are busy far too much of the time, may I make a suggestion? I found several online sources for such items and would gladly contribute to a fund with which you could secure whatever they have available. With the traffic your family's site(s) see, you may be able to raise a significant amount. Is the inability to obtain the appliances due to a lack of funds or shipping? I could have the items delivered to contacts at FOB Marez in Mosul who could pass them to anyone who could come to the gate. Or there is even a chance I could help arrange delivery by a Stryker platoon or by Iraqi police. Another possibility is for you to name the Canadian sources who have already contributed so that any like myself could send monetary contributions to assist them in helping you further, since they seem to have connections already. Do you have any connections with the Red Cross or Red Crescent organizations to which monies could be donated and earmarked for your purpose? I am sincere in wishing to help and am open to any solution you think I could contribute to.

strykerwife45 said...

My husband is over there fighting the INSURGENCY. I will not put that in quotes because an insurgency exists. Why else would Mosul's citizens turn in suspected terrorists. A US conspiracy? I think not.

You think that people are fighting a US occupation by blowing themselves up? Why are they constantly harming innocent Iraqis? I suppose that is some great conspiracy by the US government too.

I see that no one commented on Moran99's Mohammed speech. It is a shame that there is so much hate for different sec's in that country. If you wish to live in peace you will need to be at peace with eachother first.

I know that you don't want the US there but I suppose that things would be better if Saddam was still in power and gasing his own people....and the US are the tyrants.

I would like to have my husband home now...but I believe that there is a greater cause.

In no way would he or any other solider that I know bomb or hurt a hospital. In fact I know of several instances where the troops have gone and given supplies to orphanges and built new schools. I suppose that is also the work of a US conspiracy also.

I feel for the people of Mosul and hope everyday that they will gather the strength to fight for themselves so my husband can come home.

strykerdad said...

waldschrat beat me to it as I was posting, but his suggestions sound excellent.

strykerdad said...

strykerwife--unknown to me but 'family' nonetheless, well said and God bless you and yours. Fall will be here before we know it!

strykerwife45 said...

God bless you too Strykerdad!!! You;ll be in my prayers!

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"Lynette, speaking only for myself, anyone who distributes lies about my nations military at war is my enemy."

WE know they are lies, but does HE? Is it a deliberate effort at dis-information on his part?

If it is then, yes, he would be an enemy combatant.

strykerdad said...

Lynette, I can't get inside his head and have no real interest in doing so. I just will not read slander about our troops and not respond, even though I know it is pointless. It is personal for me. If TT truly needs help for his patients, and I can help through means which would insure he is not giving aid and comfort to the enemy, I will gladly help. That was my original purpose that brought me to this site. His request is the first indication I've seen that he is looking for positives, regardless of his opinion of America or our troops, which encourages me.

John said...

Truth, I'm truly sorry, your blog has been infested with war apologists, soldiers families and lynets. Not quite a lonely hearts club, more similar to lets torture another innocent Iraqi by posting relentlessly and sounding incessantly more stupid with every line! And wife 45, not sure if her husband is polygamous, fits in very comfortably. Not sure if they'll eventually start a bridge club and take their chat over to lynets kitchen, one can only hope!

The quagmire in Iraq continues, someone told me today not even Apaches are safe let alone Stryker brigades!Apparently shot down with a hand held launch in broad daylight!

TJS said...

Lynnette needs to stop judging which Iraqi she's going to nominate for a one way ticket to Guantanamo and start facing the fact that there is a humanitarian crisis in Iraq. Whether we like it or not, the crisis is the result of a decade of sanctions and a war that we started. I'll leave the rest of you to judge whose fault that is, there seems to be no end to the arguments on both sides.

Every one of the great religions in the world teaches us to 'love your neighbor.' Jesus, for those of you who claim to be faithful Christians, when defining 'neighbor,' gave us the parable of the Good Samaritan picking up the wounded man who'd been robbed and delivering him to an inn and paying for his recovery. He did this after several religious figures passed the man while he lay there moaning and refused to help. Then he convicts all of us who refuse to help by asking us which one of them loved his neighbor. Think about it.

People, Iraqis like Truth Teller and his beautiful family are our 'neighbors.' Even if you think they're our enemy, Jesus taught us to LOVE our enemies. I am encouraged that several of the people here who were incessantly arguing politics took the time to come up with a potential solution to Truth Teller's problems.

For one second imagine his frustration at dodging bombs and bullets on his way to work through dangerous neighborhoods only to find patients at his hospital dieing because he cant do simple surgery to stop them from defecating inside their own bodies. Whether he hates us or not doesn't matter. Whether we give him the tools he needs to carry out the will of God and save as many people as he can does. Please show common decency and donate to any fund that we can set up for him. I know I will.

God bless you and your family Truth Teller, I pray that you can save more patients soon. Please remember that God is merciful and have mercy on any American soldier you might be able to help if they get hurt near your hospital. I pray that any mercy you show to a soldier might be shown by that soldier to an Iraqi at his mercy later on. God will judge all of us on what we do or don't do for each other.



TJS said...

I can see what Waldschrat meant by a huge and confusing supply of ostomy products. Not only were there too many to choose from, they weren't measured in millimeters, they're all in fractions of an inch. It's too late to call that pharmacist Walds called tonight, but I plan on calling tomorrow to see if they can help us translate his request into one of their products.

I'd like to ask one more time for the Americans posting here to remember that everything they say here can help or hurt soldiers over in the war zone. Regardless of Truth Teller's political opinion he's in a great position with his English skills to work together with Americans to get his patients the help they need. I remind you that an ambush happened just outside his house with his family inside. Yesterday a suicide bomber blew himself up in a hospital yesterday. Do you really think he wants to be next?

If I were him I wouldn't be praising the Americans online either, even if secretly I was thankful to them. It would be the equivalent of posting a sign on his back 'Kidnap and kill me please!' He knows that he can complain about us and that we won't hurt him. Please respect the dangerous situation he is in and give him space to vent his frustrations online. Does it matter if he hates President Bush if he's healing people, maybe an American soldier someday?

Please use common sense and stop attacking him for not blindly agreeing with you. If that's too much to ask why don't you get off the internet and go back to watching Fox 'News' or listening to your non-stop right wing blow hards on the radio.

strykerdad said...

You take umbrage only with those who defend America? Not the hate filled invective from the others who post? Seems inconsistent somehow. I understand your point, but your specifics only add the the frustration. TT is in a great postion to add to a solution, but is repeating scurrilous lies about American troops his secret way of saying he is appreciative and not in opposition? Huh? I am through with the arguing of positions as long as he refrains from such secret expressions of support for the young Americans like two of my own who risk their lives daily in that hellhole known as Mosul in an effort to bring some kind of reason to a region devoid of that trait. If he wishes to be part of the solution that brings mine home and leaves Iraq on a positive path, I am more than glad to contribute what I can to helping him achieve that. But I will not allow such charges to stand unremarked upon. He is not the only one experiencing life in Mosul--would he trade his childrens positions with my kids, or an Iraqi soldier or policeman? Would he trade places with the parent of an American soldier in Mosul right now, patrolling the streets? I have more empathy for those like him than you know, and I thank God mine will not be there beyond the demands of their duty. And my great hope is that TT and those like him will not have to endure this any longer than I do.

TJS said...

I wasn't pointing my comments to you StrykerDad, I respect you as much as anyone else on here. Lynnette though, and a couple of other people on here, go over the top. Thanks for raising two sons willing to sacrifice. My point is merely that I don't believe in kicking a man when he's down, let's focus on how we can help him get back up. I'm sure that even if we help TT that he won't be overflowing with gratitude. Let's face it, for better or worse, Iraqis under Saddam learned to say one thing when they knew his agents were listening and another to the people they can trust. If we help him save people I'm sure he'll be thankful. Would he be wise to tell the world that when Zarqawi and his clowns are just as capable of getting onto the internet as you and I are? Zarqawi is just as bloodthirsty as Saddam was. Zarqawi also claimed responsibility for many of the bombs in Mosul. Ever notice how TT never mentions anything negative about him once? Why talk trash about someone holding a gun to your head, think about it.


Hurria said...

"I don't believe in kicking a man when he's down"

What on earth makes you think that Truth Teller is "down"?!

TJS said...


I should have chosen my words more carefully, I was more referring to people in his hospital than Truth Teller. I noticed that most of the Americans in here are so ridoculously defensive about justifying the war that they resort to cheap insults. "Kicking someone when he's down" is an expression we use for insulting someone in a bad situation, it doesn't literally mean I think Truth Teller is lower than anyone else. I just meant that no matter how you look at it, he's not responsible for the hell he goes through every day trying to help people and we shouldnt insult him no matter what political beliefs he has.

Lynette really annoys me when she calls him an 'enemy combatant.' Perhaps she'd like to explain the definition a bit better to me, since our legal system hasn't. So far as I can tell we apply it to anyone we arrest overseas who has no rights under our constitution so they can rot in jail for the rest of their life without a trial.
It seems to me that in our effort to bring democracy to Iraq, we ignore many ideals created by our own country. We conveniently throw away in the war on terrorism the right to a speedy trial, the right to confront witnesses, the right against unreasonable search and seizure, and even the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Then we wonder why so many people hate us. Pick up a history book people, we're doing the same thing in this war that the British did to us-- break into people's homes without warrants and drag off whoever we think is an 'enemy combatant.' At least once the Iraqi people get all those rights they'll be able to cherish them as much as we do. Hopefully they'll be in place before our military is done there, and not after, so we can claim some of the credit.

Look at me, here I go sinking into the political when I first started writing here for the sole purpose of helping Truth Teller get some colostomy bags. Maybe I need a virtual colostomy bag to conveniently dispose of the vitriolic crap people spew in a good man's blog. Like calling Truth Teller an 'enemy combatant.' If you don't like what he writes why are you here reading it? Pick up a copy of the Constitution and read the First Amendment you nimrods. He's entitled to his opinion.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


I really think you need to go back and read ALL of my comments to everyone here. Because your comments regarding me seem out of context with what I have been trying to say.

"Lynette really annoys me when she calls him an 'enemy combatant'."

I have not a clue as to who he is or isn't. This is a WAR where anyone could be who they say or not.

"Zarqawi also claimed responsibility for many of the bombs in Mosul. Ever notice how TT never mentions anything negative about him once?"

Yes, I have, and that could be interpreted in different ways.

You may find me annoying, but you strike me as naive.


"It is personal for me."

Yes, I know. The admiration I have for our men and women in Iraq is boundless. They are trying to accomplish something that many consider impossible, under the most trying of circumstances. I pray for their safe return.

I don't know who TT is or isn't. But you are right in that he needs to do something constructive instead of continually posting the inflammatory comments.

"If TT truly needs help for his patients, and I can help through means which would insure he is not giving aid and comfort to the enemy, I will gladly help."

I would be interested in this also. Could you let me know who to send money to? Perhaps you could post it here for everyone's information? Thank you.

strykerwife45 said...

John..I thought that blogs were a forum to speak your mind.

Its pretty unfair for you to insult my husband that way and even if you don't think I have something to offer this blog then so be it...

My main question was why Moran99's Mohammed comments were not answered. Everyone was so quick to say that an American couldn't possibly know the teachings of Mohammed but when he wrote them out nothing was said.

I feel for the people of Iraq...I stated that before. I am not one of those people that goes around saying "we should just bomb the whole stinking place". These are human beings....

I would like to know, John, what your thoughts are on what would have been the best way to handle the situation in Iraq. Do you think Saddam should be in power?

I wait with baited breath to hear what you have to say.

I would like to remind everyone that if it weren't for the US the Iraqis wouldn't be allowed a blog...if it was found out that they were speaking out against their government they would have been tourtured by Saddams henchmen.

TruthTeller I wish you the best. I hope you will take some of the advise on how to get supplies from some of the people that have answered you.

Truth teller said...


The Product we used to use are those two types below. Each type have different sizes, the size i dave before are the standard we use with our patients, but any size equall to or approximate to those sizes are OK.

unfortunatly we dont have credit cards, also I cant accept cash from any body. We have enough money but we can't buy what we want.
If you could manage to send these appliances to the ostomy clinic at the Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Hospital in Mosul, Iraq. it is ok with me. BTW the hospital supply these appliances to the patients free of charge. The association we have, is only to organize the work and to take care of the patient, give advice and some medicine and social supports.

The types are:

1- ConvaTec SUR-FIT Natura, SUR-FIT AutoLock and Esteem Synergy Two-Piece Ostomy Systems.

2- ConvaTec Active Life One-Piece Ostomy Systems.

We have about 500 patients registered, but only about 200 pat. who actually consult us regularly asking for the appliances.

Moron99 said...


I would suggest that the easiest way is either
a.) set up a PayPal account to act as a collecting point for funds and have either yourself, strykerdad or other known poster act as an intermediate.
better yet - -
b.) talk to Cynthia Hacherl again and set up an open charity account. If done this way, it is also possible that OstomyCare might sell product at discount or match contributions (with a tax write off). It would be both good PR for them a way to engage their employees in something that makes them proud.

I would also suggest that the supplies are sent to StrykerDad's children. As soldiers, they will be much easier to send supplies to since the delivery system is both traceable and well established. There mnay even be a domestic address with domestic shipping rates. If so, the money saved on shipping costs could be enough for more supplies.

My father is coming down to spend a week in sunny florida - I'll help, but won't be near a computer as much between now and July 10. Push comes to shove, I have a paypal account that can be used as a go between. No matter what happens, you can count me in for $100USD (assumming a relatively transparent and traceable logistics trail).

Finally, I would suggest advertising. On other blogs that is. Steven Kiel put out an informal request for soccer balls and got 52 of them in the week of June 12 (first shipment?) To my knowledge, his efforts were not cross-posted to any other blogs.

Moron99 said...

(or "C")
c.) set up both a intermediate paypal account and an open charity account with OstomyCare. Since many people on the web are already set up to effortlessly send funds via paypal it will probably generate more donations to have the added availablity.

strykerwife45 said...

Moron99 you are full of such great ideas...TruthTeller not all of us Americans are bad.

If you can set it up I will donate what I can to this cause.

strykerdad said...

Not to throw cold water on some of the ideas, but it has been pointed out to me that shipping and delivery of med supplies by individual soldiers or even individual US citizens is not a simple matter. Socccer balls, kids shoes, school supplies--no problem. Items which could go to benefit the enemy is something that is subject to quite a bit of oversight--not making any accusations, just pointing out a consideration which must be taken into account. But there are Army civilian liasons within the task force whose mission is to facilitate such requests and are easily available to Iraqis, especially medical personel. TT, has anyone from your group tried to contact anyone connected to the Task force? I am having some trouble understanding how a clinic connected to a large hospital and with funds to spend is unable to obtain such a commonly available medical appliance. Is that true of all similar items? I am genuinely curious about the delivery and financial sytems and their current state. I have been looking for organizations which may be already be connected to Mosul area hospitals, hoping that would be the best way to use existing connections to give the specific help requested. If anyone else is aware of such organizations--without 'jihad' in the title or associated with their stated mission-- please post that info. TT seems less than wildly enthused by the offers of help, but as others have pointed out, there may be many different reasons for that apparent lack. For now, I am assuming his request to be genuine and am still open and eager to do what I can.

Dan said...

In the interest of adding to the solution instead of being part of the problem, I am reading the comments, thinking about what is being said, and holding my tongue...for now.

Yet, I will add one comment:
I anxiously await to see what type of Constitution is offered to the Iraqi people. Hopefully, it will be a good one.

If so, then it will NOT be the end. It will NOT be the beginning of the end. It WILL be the end of the beginning.

Adapt. Survive.


strykeraunt said...


Have you checked with the Rear Detachment of the 1-25? I live in Washington and could work with them if you would like to see if they can be of help. They won't ship care packages to the soldiers, but the 3/2 did ship humanitarian goods a couple of times while they were deployed.

This is a little personal for me. My mother, who died from cancer, had to wear both a Urostomy and Colostomy bags towards the end of her life. Therefore, I understand how important it is to have these devises available on an ongoing basis. If the 1-25 feels comfortable that this organization is not aiding the enemy, and they could be the one's to deliver the supplies, I too would want to contribute to the cause. Just let me know if you need me to and I will make the call.

P.S. Strykerdad, if you are a member of the strykernews site you can also PM me from that bulletin board (under the same name).

Truth teller said...

The Canadian Organization which send Ostomy appiances to the Mosul Ostomy Association as a help, was The International Ostomy association (IOA). They have a biannual Ostomy International Magazine. Maria Siegl was the Editor of this magazine at 1996, she visited Mosul to attend one of the meeting held here celebrating the World Ostomy Day.

Unfortunatly Maria Siegle died later on.

In Ostomy International Magazine Issue 1, 1997 volume 19, N0.1, page 13, she wrote two pages about the Ostomy Unit in Mosul.

The ConvaTec have aan address at the Internet which is

strykeraunt said...

TT, If you have the money to purchase these appliances what is currently preventing the organization from ordering them from another country (for example, the companies identified above)? Is it that you not able to order anything from out of country, or is it something to do with these appliances? I am still willing to help, but I would want to work through the American forces to get them to you.

richsanter said...

strykerdad –

“But there was a war, Iraq lost.”

Tell that to the people still killing your Marines. History is full of deluded individuals who made similar, fatal assumptions. Hitler, for example, could not understand why Britain did not capitulate or come to terms after the fall of France. After all, he’d won the war, right? The Russian partisans also lost, and they kept on losing until the Germans were booted out of their country.

BTW, I agree with your ideological stances. Unfortunately, the difference between you and I is that you truly believe that the US is there to achieve these democratic, independent Iraq goals, and I do not. I think it is the usual ‘pull the strings’ scenario, where the US runs everything via the back door.

[strykerdad] “The spider thing? I read it and my point remains that he gave the story any credence at all, even entertained a possibility that it could be true. In light of that, do you then accept at face value his posts about US military being responsible for IED's or their wanton destruction of medical facilities and supplies, or the indiscriminate killing of civilians?”

Point (1) Spiders bite.
Point (2) the spider(s) in that photo looked about the size of a footstool.
Point (3) it is quite possible that such a spider bit / chased an American soldier. It is a fact, for example, that desert spiders in Namibia will try to take refuge within one’s shadow if the day is very hot. If you move, the spider chases after the shade. If a spider that size did the same to me, I would probably still be running.

The point of contention is whether they were sent by Allah or not. But then, your elected President has daily conversations with God, who tells him what to do, so that may well be a possibility too.

The US military planting IED’s? Now that is debatable. On the one hand we know for a fact that the US has engaged in deadly deception before, so that would hardly be a surprise. On the other hand, I don’t regard what I have seen / read on the subject as conclusive evidence one way or the other.

The US military destroying hospitals is a fact. They bombed Fallujan hospitals because they were “centres for enemy propaganda.”

The US indiscriminately killing civilians is also a fact. In fact, it’s laughable that you’d even raise this as a point of contention. Be it via bombing, checkpoint shootings, gunship strafing or sniping, there are simply too many cases documented to deny this.

Sure, I know that you will point to the fact that actions undertaken by the Resistance have also killed a bunch of civilians in the course of operations. To which I reply: Who started this?

richsanter said...


"It [the US] already is divided up that way Bruno. Or, if you prefer - 50% of the power to women and 50% to men. Or maybe you'd prefer to say 50% to the urbanites and 50% to the rural. Whatever dividing lines you wish to draw, each person gets one vote and no candidates are prohibited from competing."

Hmm. Sure. Whatever.

Except for the fact that if you vote for anybody except the Democrats or Republicans you are throwing your vote away. That's REALITY.

Freedom of choice, huh?

And ... the division which I mentioned is hardly the same as your breakdown. Your breakdown is strictly according to ethnic and religious persuasion. Care for a similar division of the US?

pmusu said...

A number of things:

1) Hope the situation improves in Iraq, wish all Iraqi people and all people in Iraq good luck.
2) Hello from the Island of Malta
3) To Bruno, in nearly all countries at the end in a democratic there are 2/3 major political parties, the rest
are minor.
4) Hope you get more basic needs like water and electricity so you can post more news on Iraq, by giving your view on Iraq.

Good luck and take care

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

I left a messange
, but don't know if it will help, as he does not know me.

A daughter of one of the people I work with had a colonectomy. She was 20 at the time. It was not easy for her to deal with.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

Oh for heavens sake! I turned all blue again! Anybody have a clue as to what I am doing wrong when I post those links? If you click on any of the blue you will find the site.

strykeraunt said...

Lynette, Thanks...I added to your message!!

Moron99 said...

"Except for the fact that if you vote for anybody except the Democrats or Republicans you are throwing your vote away. That's REALITY."

Bruno, that statement only shows that you do not understand the american electoral process. A candidate must clear a number of petition signatures, financing, and campaign hurdles before entering the primaries - all of which are driven by his ability to gain support and votes. In the primaries he then competes directly for votes against other candidates who have cleared the same preliminary hurdles. The winners of the primaries then compete in the final election. In reality, what the Iranians consider a general election is what americans consider the primaries and the american general election is a runoff between top 2-3 candidates. The biggest difference in reality is that there are no requirements for candidacy other than the ability to gain signatures, recruit volunteers, and have people believe in you enough that they will contribute campaign funds. There is no supreme council or power brokerage that picks which candidates are allowed to run.

Reegarding the divisions - for so long as Iraqis choose to vote along sectarian lines then that will be the most accurate way to express the division of power. If they should choose to vote by age, sex, hair color, income, place of residence, or other - then that will become the new division of power. It is up to Iraqi's to choose and select leaders. The election winners will be those who correctly identify the priorities of the voters and promise policies based upon their constituents. As such, they will earn the most votes and be granted temporary authority until the next election. If Iraqis really want to be unified then the next election will be run by a unification candidate. It's their country - it's their choice.

Truth teller said...


Welcome back.

The appliances we need are in large amount, we have over 200 patients receive these appliances from the Ostomy Unit in Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Hospital. Every patient used to received 5 rings and 30 pouches a month.

All the medical appliances are only imported through the Ministry Of Health. At the early days after the occupations, the MOH prepared a printed form distributed to every hospital to list their needs. They divided the items into 3 categories
Urgent, intermediate and not urgent. They suppose to supply the urgent items within 2 weeks. The Ostomy appliances are in the urgent list, now it is more than 2 years, we still didn't received them.

In addition, in terms of prioriy, the more important the Cytotoxic Drugs used to treat cancer patients, are not available, to be more specific, from about 50 items, only 13 are available at present. there was no time when a patient needs certain combination oe drugs for treatment and he find all the items written to him in the hospital. The prices of these drugs are very expensive even for the rich people.

strykerdad said...

Strykeraunt, I don't know if you have heard back from anyone connected to the 1-25th, but I would certainly wait before taking your efforts much further. My info is that several hospitals and clinics in and around Mosul are havens for insurgents and they use them to launch operations. Same reason they use mosques, they know they can push a long way before our forces will strike back at them in those locations, and when they do it is used as propaganda against our efforts. TT's complete unwillingness to consider requesting aid from the coalition is suspicious, as I know many hospitals are working with the US and supply kits are on standby when hospitals make emergency requests. This TT is not going to be part of any solution to be desired by America, any more than his pined for Saddamist regime was. Any doubts I had have been all but completely resolved.

strykerdad said...

Bruno---I thought we were done with this for a while, but TT seems to enjoy it on some level, judging from his last entry. So here goes. The spider thing? silly as it is, I answered TT on his latest entry. On the 'atrocities', give me this documented proof of indiscriminate killings. Just prove something. Are there some very isolated cases of unacceptable behavior among individuals? Of course! They are human beings under incredible stress, after all. And if you get 100,000 plus people together, some of them are going to do things they shouldn't, but I contend you won't find 100,000 plus people anywhere who would conduct themselves with an equal amount of professionalism and restraint. Prove a case that is not already being dealt with. In the course of the chaos of battle with an enemy who thinks any conduct by themselves as being acceptable, including hiding behind and using women and children, do bystanders get injured and killed? Of course! Only an idiot would think otherwise. Do the rabidly anti American left throughout the world use such realities to paint the American forces as wanton killers? Again, of course they do, don't you? Even much of the press plays that game. I saw a Rueters photo of a young boy with a hand sized bandage on his abdomen, sitting up in bed, the accompanying text said he had been shot by a US sniper the day before--if you know anything about munitions, you know that is laughably clumsy propaganda. An apendectomy would be more in keeping with the photograph they showed as an example of Marine snipers firing on civilians. Folks like you eat it up because it confirms your conspiratorial fantasies of American force run amuck. But if the American forces were wanton killers, this would have been over long ago. Who would stop them? In fact, the US unwillingness to kill indiscriminately is viewed as a weakness and is being use against them. You would have to be an idiot to not realize that. And people like you and TT wouldn't have the balls to spout the crap you love to spew forth. The fact that you do proves you are wrong. Or are you cowards since you allow such an 'evil' to continue. Keep barking.

strykeraunt said...

Thank you Strykerdad, I did call the rear D today and they told me that even though the 3/2 did a couple of humanitarian type lifts out of Fort Lewis they no longer continue that practice. The reason why I wanted to work through the Army is the exact reason you stated above. They know where the problem areas are and I do not.

It also appears that Keiko is the one that TT was actually seeking help from; and now I see that Rachel from London has jumped on the band wagon. My intention was only to attempt to get medical supplies in the hands of those who could care for innocent civilians who are in need. I can even set aside my differences if it is for the purpose identified. However, if the others can also accomplish the same it may be more appropriate to let them take the reign.

TT, I have to admit that I felt you were sincere about your need of help. My impression was that you may have actually started looking for solutions. This is the reason why I posted again. Then I saw your post today deliberatly attacking one of the very people who was trying to help. I have seen some very ugly words on this site that seems acceptable to you as long as they are attacks on Americans (Mad Canuck pointed out one of those). I have never read anything of strykerdad's that was even close to what others have said. Perhaps it is because (as you suggest) you are misinterpreting his intent, or perhaps it is because he is a "strykerdad". Of course, if the latter is more accurate then I guess I also fit the profile. There were some occasions that your preferred readers also wished death on my military nephews and you didn't appear to have any problem with those comments either.

It is really unfortunate (and mind boggling) that things can be so bad over there and still be such an unwillingness to find solutions.

richsanter said...

Moron 99 --

That’s an interesting story that you spin there. Except for the tiny fact that you did not answer my statement AT ALL … an explanation of the political process means nothing.

Let’s talk REALITY.

(1) How many non- Democrat / Republican presidents has the USA had?
(2) How many independent Senators are in your Senate, and compared to how many partisan senators?

The facts are, your political arena is dominated completely by these two parties, and any credible third or fourth force has no chance whatsoever at success. This is because of the simple fact that people know full well that in your ‘winner takes all’ system, if they vote for a smaller party, they will waste their vote. Rather than do this, people (a few idealists excepted) will vote for the party out of the big two that most reflects the issues that they hold dearest.

Uh, big choice, this.

Your schemes to divide Iraqis on purely religious / ethnic lines are pretty whacky, yet that seems to be the general US strategic trend these days. Now that is really sad.

Strykerdad --

That is an predictable post, replete with propaganda depicting US soldiers as models of restraint and kindness, and the Iraqi resistance as big bad demons with wings. * yawn * I’ve heard it a thousand times before.

Now, sure, I can understand people taking things out of context, like the purported sniper casualty (are they using Barretts nowadays or still versions of the M14 – or are you not allowed to tell?) and propagandise it.

On the other hand, reports of US conduct is simply too overwhelming to deny. Your troops are trigger happy and pretty much shoot the shit out of everything within range if they come under fire. Really, must I compile a long and tedious list of all the reports of civilians that the US has butchered in Iraq? It will take a while.

Must I accompany it with another list of incidents that the US military has bothered to find the time to investigate, and the predictably laughable ‘sentences’ meted out to the offenders? I think back to the murderers that killed Zeyad’s cousin, who got off scot-free. Were they in a stressful firefight? No. Cold blooded murder, and they got off.

Look, stress, fatigue and confusion in battle I can understand. I understand that in the heat of the moment and confusion of war, innocents can get confused with combatants.

But the argument must always come back to WHO CAUSED THE WAR? Who caused this situation in which so many people are losing their lives? Who chose to create the conditions on the ground that we now see?

I think we all know the answer to that.

You did.

strykerdad said...

Saddam invaded Kuwait and made moves to take Saudi oilfields. Saddam refused to abide by the terms of his surrender. Saddam engaged in hostile acts towards US forces and interests, and there is more evidence that Saddam was responsible for an attempted assassination of a former US president than there is of the outright lies you just expelled from some metaphorical orifice suitable for such material.

Saddam could have easily prevented this war, made it an impossibility under any imagined scenario where the Hitler=Bush lead bloodthirsty criminal American forces of your fantasies could have slaughtered their way through Iraq in a continuing orgy of death and destruction, as seems to suit your desired reality.

You have nothing but conspiratorial fantasies. But we all got 'em--some more plausible than others. Mine is that we chose to go to war in iraq now, because war in the region is inevitable and waiting ten years down the road would bring a level of destruction that would make this appear to be a tea party in comparison. Everyone who thinks has known it was a real possibility, 9-11 made it a reality. The mideast has to be brought into the last century somehow. Yes, at its heart it is about oil--without it, Saudi, Iraq, Iran, Libya would actually have to find something useful to do with their talents, or be like Rwanda which we could ignore if we wanted.

An increasingly radicalized, naive and isolated people driven by archaic belief systems with enormous sums of money and the growing availability of those WMD's some people find so insignificant unless America has them, leads to eventual probablilities that are unacceptable to me. I suspect persons like yourself will blame america if that nightmare comes to fruition, but then you will demand america forces rescue you if it is ever aimed in your direction. This method of provoking change may be clumsy and have tragic repurcussions for many, but I haven't heard any other plausible ideas to fix it.

And I gotta tell you, the volume of available material on any subject you choose to believe makes it no more insane or laughable (those damn giant attacking spiders and pictures of their effects as an example--again--lots of complete, stinking piles of...misinformation). Look into the subject of alien visitation and find some overwhelming 'evidence' to support that 'fact'. Hope I didn't just confront more of your beliefs with that remark? I find that one more believable than the one you have about bloodthirsty US soldiers because I know too many of them. I've never seen an alien, much less been probed by one---got any stories of your own to share along those lines?

strykerwife45 said...


You are full of CRAP...We know who caused this war...Saddam Hussien did. Must I remind you of the fact that he violated the terms of his surrender ON SEVERAL OCCASSIONS? The first time was enough for the US to go back in there. We tolerated it for over 10 now we are trigger happy?

Hurria said...

"Saddam...made moves to take Saudi oilfields."

No, he did not. He made no moves toward Saudi Arabia at all. His sole objective was Kuwait. In any case, the events of 1990-91 were over and done with, and had become ancient history by 2003.

strykerwife45 said...

hurria-the facts of what saddam hussan did in 90-91 are not ancient history if it reflects a reason why we went to war in the first place in 2003. It has everything to do with why we are there...He signed an agreement to let inspectors in to search and denied them access time after time after time after time. If you asked me we waited too long.

strykerdad said...

I recall a division of Iraqi guards being sent towards Saudi oil fields shortly before the ground war commenced--but it wasn't very successful. That was the only offensive move by iraqi forces in the conflict once American forces hit the ground. Saudis certainly believed Saddam threatened those fields and I also recall statements by Saddam that he felt those fields were rightfully Iraq's. This is all from memory, so it could be wrong, with the exception of the Saudi fears which are evident from their actions. I'm glad to hear you think that is all ancient history--I guess in ten years you will be defending President Bush and America? (that is not a serious question)

Hurria said...

No division of Iraqi anything was sent anywhere near the Saudi border, and Saddam did not make any claim on Saudi oil fields.

strykerdad said...
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strykerdad said...

Hurria, just one of many available accounts of the battle of Khafji, Saudi Arabia. And I know you are well enough informed to know that the saudis had a great fear of an Iraqi invasion for a reason, which is why they invited US Forces in and paid for a large portion of the costs.

Hurria said...

"the saudis had a great fear of an Iraqi invasion for a reason...they invited US Forces in..."

Oh yes! As anyone knows who followed the sequence of events closely, the Saudis were so terrified of an Iraqi invasion that for some time they flatly refused to allow the Bush I administration to base its forces there, despite constant requests, demands, and attempts to persuade. It was not until the Bush I administration claimed it had satellite photos showing large formations of Iraqi forces gathering in offensive positions along the border that the Saudis finally capitulated.

The Saudis also knew first hand something that most Americans have no idea about - that Saddam had been engaged in negotiations with the Arab League in Cairo in an effort to work out a way to get out of Kuwait. There were good signs at the beginning of the negotiations that had Bush I not insisted on putting Saddam's back to the wall, and had he allowed the Arab League to deal with the problem, the negotiations would have been successful.

"the battle of Khafji, Saudi Arabia"

I am not sure why you brought this up, since it not only does not support your argument that Saddam Hussein planned to invade Saudi Arabia and Sieze its oil fields, it refutes it rather effectively:

"evidence suggests the Iraqi offensive at Khafji was a calculated bid to draw coalition troops into ground combat while Iraq could still maneuver its mechanized forces in the Kuwait Theater of Operations."

"After Desert Storm began on Jan. 17, Iraq made several attempts to take some initiative by employing remaining tactical strengths to change the terms of the battle."

"the chance to use Iraqi military forces in Kuwait was slipping away. In his effort to seize the initiative, Saddam had one more option: a mechanized offensive across the Saudi border to engage coalition ground forces immediately."

"Iraq's offensive stood no chance of outright victory. However, if coalition ground forces could be compelled to engage and pursue the Iraqis, a costly battle might weaken the coalition and perhaps even prevent the Iraqis from being forced out of Kuwait.

Significantly, nowhere and in no way does the article suggest that Saddam ever had any intention of invading Saudi Arabia, or of siezing so much as a grain of its sand.

strykerdad said...

I jsut wish my country's leaders were as clever and conniving as you think they are--they are the smartest and stupidest people on the face of the earth, depending on which serves your purpose on any given topic.

I brought it up because you wroteNo division of Iraqi anything was sent anywhere near the Saudi border which is obviously wrong. All the articles on the subject of Saddam's designs on saudi oilfields are subjsective and would obviously be answered by you as you have shown. I really thought you'd deny such a battle ever occurred, so I'm taking that as a victory in a small way.

Hurria said...

All the articles alleging that Saddam had designs on the Saudi oil fields are either flat out lies or wishful thinking built on thin air.

Yes, I overstated my case, so shame on me, but your article does nothing for any of your arguments except to refute them.

I forgot to include the most important things about the satellite photos the Bush I administration claimed it had. 1) Satellite images of the same areas during the same time period have been produced, and not one of them showed Iraqi troops gathering at or near the Saudi border. 2) The U.S. government has so far failed to produce even one of the images it claimed showed Iraqi troops gathering at the border or even a shred of evidence to support their claim.

strykerdad said...

Those silly Saudis---I'm sure they just took some US military reps word for it and had no intel of their own and didn't demand to see the American evidence for themselves. Of course they would let American troops stage a war, build major bases , contribute billions of dollars, and bring on all the problems that followed based on an unverified claim from an American source. I gotta believe those guys aren't that simple--far from it. You can make yourself believe the most illogical and irrational things when they confirm your own irrational views. The article I posted shows outright that you make declarative statements without knowing what you are talking about--it doesn't refute anything I said. I could post numerous links to discussions of about Saddam's intentions of creating a greater unified Arab nation under his rule, but they would only be ripped apart as propaganda, so why bother? Hard to deny a battle, though. That's why I used it.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


Yes, TT's deliberate attack on people who sincerely wanted to help was, as far as I was concerned, totally uncalled for.
Which is why I was so angry.

You and Strykerdad are more familiar with what procedures the military has in place for any such aid. I will defer to your judgement. I do not think that just trying to send aid through Fedex or some other such method would be a safe way to go. Especially as TT is not someone I can honestly trust.

"In any case, the events of 1990-91 were over and done with, and had become ancient history by 2003. "


Than, of course, anything the U.S. has done before 2003 is also ancient history. Right?

Brian H said...

Thomas Paine.

John Mclaren said...

The Stryker[blah blah] people here have been been eating such a steady diet of what CNN, Fox and Bush have been feeding them that they cannot help but repeat the same desperate cliches at this point. The Bush ship is sinking fast and the rats jumping off are figuring out they made a big mistake being willing pawns of the neocons. Now they would even raise the UN inspections as their evidence. Sure- ask Hans Blix what he thinks of our little war, unless that name has fallen in a huge memory hole.

These wars were all illegal. The imperial capital in Washington and the disgusting modern day military pions of their policies have NOTHING to do with freedom, democracy or the US Constitution. They never did. It is completely corrupt. Vietnam was the same. Korea was the same. Indonesia, Philippines, even the intimidation of Japan by Admiral Perry in the 1850's. It's nothing new, it's always been wrong, illegal and cowardly as mostly innocent, poor people have their lives destroyed in the name of our causes, and only the most sadly uninformed of the US public could ever be tricked into believing cruise missiles could help any nation or help any people be free. So don't bring up al Khafj. It was the US forces token engagement in Gulf War #001- "daddy's war". They would much rather remember al Khafj than the "highway of death", or a bunch of DU-oxide poisening the desert, or a 100,000 cluster bomblets. These ground forces grunts just seem so arrogant, as if they can't be blamed for what happens in the air strikes before they ever set foot on the ground. Do they even know or want to know? It's all outside their narrow field of operations. They don't have time for that or any control over it, so it's not their responsibility. In fact no one is responsible at all. It's all just a machine with no one in charge. It's just a set of policies which must be carried out, and the policy is- project military force outside US borders, which is totally against the spirit of a republic, and the US Constitution. Going after someone who attacked you but did not stay around for battle on your soil is very tricky business. That is no justification for maintaining a standing army ourside your nation, and more than that, where a terrorist is from is highly debatable. Most 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, but more than that they were from right here in the USA, so attacking a country of origin is almost impossible. Maybe the US was the most responsible for tolerating known terrorists. Maybe we should have bombed ourself.

But just as Stryker[dad, mom, child, hypocrite, or whoever] points out that Saudi did not want help the US (and certainly does not now), it's only obvious to remember the BILLIONS of dollars worth of US state of the art weaponry we have given the corrupt Saudi dictatorship over the years, including F-15's and AWACS. What a freaking hypocrisy. When Saudi eventually blows up, which it must do sooner or later given our conspicuous hegemony there, it will just be a replay of the downfall of the US supported Shah of Iran, and the downfall of the US supported Saddam Hussein, and even the downfall of the US supported Taliban. This little battle on the edge of Kuwait was a token transgression the corrupt Saudi King could use to intimidate his country into supporting the US. Just as the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait itself was probaly a token transgression, a "battle that we needed" to create the premise for War #001 to mop up a pretty ugly covert ops embarassment waiting to explode in Iraq due to our previous involvment there. Just do a little reading on then US ambassador Helen Glaspie (sp?) to Iraq. Her cross examination by an Israeli representative, of all people, was merciless. The whole US position towards Saddam before he invaded Kuwait is really really unclear. Afterwards, of course Bush Sr. had what he needed. Glaspie disappeared from the news.

In the end, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics all made out literally like bandits. And oh my- they still are! What a freaking coincidence! The economy has been so bad for so long, yet they are just doing great! And where did the money come from? Your kids. Your kid's kids. Drained right out of the whole future of your own country. Not through national debt in this case, because Bush was savy enough to just gut the rest of the economy, education and social system to pay for it. I give him credit for that. No- the administration is not stupid. They want to bleed the nation, but never kill it completely. Parasites never actually kill their hosts because that's suicide.

The people that supported these wars are just a bunch of suckers for trillion dollar defence industries. That's the sad part of it. It's not even about ideology. It's not even about principles. It's about being railroaded by some slick used car salesman. That's how pathetic this all is.

strykerdad said...

fieldlab--anybody ever tell you that you come off as a little cynical? Honestly, that was good satire, I hope. If not, I hope you don't have any loaded weapons nearby. It has got to be tough going through life with such a pissy attitude.

John Mclaren said...

Thanks. I admire your own ability to be pissy too, Strykerdad. On the other hand, truth, or the pursuit of it, and being willing to face it, is never cynical. Quite the opposite. Unrealistic self-deceit and self-justification is ultimately the greatest form of cynicism as far as the issue goes.

What amazes me more than anything is how utterly DISHONORABLE this entire conflict and our general foreign policy is. How hypocritical it is for anyone in the military or state office to talk about honor. It went just out the window. It seems to me any serviceman with any sense of true honor or duty would have deserted or even mutinied a long time ago. Honor, duty and responsibility have great importance for a soldier, and for a very good reason. You wield the power of life and death, so your moral justification must be beyond reproach. Desertion is dishonorable for a soldier, but it's not the most dishonorable thing possible. Murder is even more dishonorable, because for a soldier to destroy an innocent person's life to make your own easier, safer or richer is the greatest shame and the greatest dishonor he or she could bring on themselves or their country- modern warfare techniques be damned. Murder is far more dishonorable than defeat be it from a cuise missile, a bullet or a milligram of DU oxide in the lungs. Simple defeat does not even rank on the scale with murder.

If your superiors EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES order you to carry out or be a party to an operation or a policy more dishonorable than desertion, then YOUR DUTY AS A SOLDIER IS TO DISOBEY ORDERS OR DESERT. Your own welfare and pride be damned. That is the true code a of a soldier. That is the hard, unfair life a soldier willingly agrees to and is beholden to. This is as much to protect the sanity and integrity of the solder himself after the conflict as his honor during it, because they are greatly intertwined. Just as after Vietnam, these troops are going to come home, their lives will be hard and full of flashbacks. Combine that with later lingering doubts about the validy of what they were even doing (the honor of it) and the very reasons for their sacrifice, and many will just loose it- and loose their sense of having a soul. Once you loose that it's hard or impossible to ever regain it. So you call me cynical? Who the bloody hell do you think I am? I am the product of your culture. Someone who has grown up in this broken psyche. I'm the little unforeseen complication of your cold war. One of the military's many loose ends left behind for each one taken care of. So questions of war and honor when fighting on foreign soil are far more than a logistical, strategic and diplomatic failure. That kind of... invasion, which is all it can be called, in the end destroys the invaders as much as the intended enemy. That is the reason soldiers must defend honor.

These people in Iraq we call soldiers (I guess even supporters just refer them as "troops" as if they were just interchangable, faceless minions- as if they are not even pretending to be soldiers with identity, honor and conscience) who have blindly taken part in all this, I don't know what I can call them. At best, mercenaries, debt bonded slaves, conscripted convicts, or just naive victims, I don't know, but they and everyone involved in this have brought great shame on myself and this whole country. They have even cast doubt on this country's future with their actions. So when a soldier talks about honor I only wish he were serious.

strykerdad said...

And yet, these soldiers do endure, and by wide margins support the policy that puts them where they are. They stake their lives on what they believe, sacrifice their existence for what they believe--while you sit in your underwear in the dark glow of a monitor, passing judgement on their character. Ironic damned world, isn'it? You are not fit to breathe the same air as many of them--yet you do and will continue to because of people like them and before them, who had the fortitude to do what their beliefs required. Barking dogs as the caravan rolls on, unaffected by thre sound.

John Mclaren said...

No- I don't owe my freedom to troops or your arrogant, shameful attitude. That's a cliche Bush's minions need to believe though. It's all they have. You and them actually owe your freedom and your very lives to the rebels, the misfits, artists, anti-establishment revolutionaries and even Quakers all over the country whom you disparage, even since this country began. They are the only thing making the rest of the world stop and reconsider every time they just want to nuke us off the planet. Only they stand between you and the ultimate downfall of the federal system. Without them, you would just be another small time soviet style nationalist in a country the world hated, isolated and boycotted until our economy collapsed. The "anti-americans" who are the real patriots, are in fact the only thing which makes the USA special or different or better. So it is actually folks like you that owe whatever you have to them, not the other way around. Bush's minions are a dime a dozen. It's the people with the bravery to take a stand for justice and against war that are the great Americans. They wrote our constitution. They are not some pitiful child in your ivory tower of freedom. They strive on after decades of harassment and jailing not from foreigners, but from your state, which has one of the highest incarceration rates in the entire world, ranking with third world dictatoships- around 1% of Americans are in jail. Your boastful talk just reflects your own doubts and insecurity about who you are really fighting for.

But I guess the grunts on the ground will always just be relative pions. They don't control or effect anything. They don't count either for or against anything, so they mostly believe whatever they need to. They are just mop boys sent by grocery clerks to clean up a mess. But war is not ultimately winable with just weapons. War is only winable by the hearts and minds of those with the greatest reason to fight. It's always been true. It was true in Vietnam, and it's true today in Iraq, and we lost the hearts and minds of many sympathetic Iraqi's on the first day when we launched hundreds of cruise missiles into Iraqi cities before a boot was ever on the ground. Then we sealed our fate by dissolving the Iraqi army. Just as in Vietnam, the American invasion was doomed before it ever started.

Boeing stands a great chance now though. Boeing and Lockheed Martin thank you greatly, Strykerdad. They definitely are willing spread more freedom around with your help. From now on, cruise missiles will be called care packages and death will be called freedom. We can even put up "General Dynamics Macht Frei" over our freedom factories.

The failure of the invasion will not be the fault of the protestors. It will not be the fault of the Iraqis, or even Jane Fonda. It's the fault of Bush, Cheney, their neocon administration, and everyone who voted for them or served those lying, corrupt, anti-American bastards.

strykerwife45 said...

fieldlab I think that you are forgetting that the people that founded our great nation were revolutionists and went to war against England in order to seperate themselves....Don't ever forget that to get our freedom we had to fight...

I love it when men like you look down upon the men and women of our armed services. It just shows what a true coward you are.

People like you are a dime a like to talk about revolution and that your ideas will change the world. But you always forget that someone fought to get you the freedom to speak your mind the way that you do. But the servicemen and women of our country do not deserve for you to crap on them. They are just doing their jobs. Where would we be without them?

I would like to know how you would have taken Saddam Hussain out of power? Or would you support him still being in power? How would you have solved this issue....without some sort of military action? Think you think that a negotiation would have brought Saddam out of power?

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