Thursday, April 21, 2005

The release of more innocents

Today the April 21, is the birth day of prophet Mohammad(pbuh).
All the Muslims people in Mosul are celebrating this anniversary.
There were a big official celebration in the governorate of Nineveh, transported by the Iraqi media (Al Iraqia; TV Nineveh).

The governor of Nineveh announced in his speak, in this occasion, the release of 110 prisoners who were arrested for suspicion of being terrorists and found to be innocents later on.

For the first time in Iraq (I guess) a responsible authority in Iraq apologize frankly in a publics and in front of the TV lens, to the prisoners, telling them they are arrested by mistake. And this mistake can happened in a circumstances like this.
He asked them to cooperate with the policemen in controlling the peace in the city!

This speaks received acceptance from all the audiences.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Some answers to some questions (comments).


anonymous @ 4/8/2005 08:52:24 PM had answered you.

anonymous @ 4/9/2005 01:39:08 AM

The UNICEF report you linked to, say
"Unexpectedly perhaps, the rural-urban division evaporates when it comes to malnutrition, with children no more malnourished in the countryside than in the towns and cities. Ready access to locally produced food and higher incidence of breastfeeding provide at least some protection for rural children who, according to the survey, lag behind in so many other areas."
And if remember what I have been said
"The amount of these foods sections are insufficient for ordinary person, but it supported the poor families, and it did prevent malnutrition in Iraq to an acceptable level."
The report above spoken about specific area ( The governorate of Mesan) in southern and central Iraq.
"So you're basically saying malnutrition was not a major problem during the "sanctions" period of 1991-2003?"
It is definitely a problem, specially when added to lack of other food stuffs not involved in the program of (oil-for-food and drugs), the lack for drugs, for sanitation specially in the rural areas, and other goods necessary for ordinary living.
That report also says:
"The MICS also reveals serious problems in rural areas, where only half the people have access to a water supply from a network, public tap or well, compared to 96 per cent of people living in towns and cities. Only 34 per cent have a sanitary type of latrine, compared to 97 per cent of the urban population. Immunization rates are some 10 to 15 per cent lower in rural areas and the survey found similar gaps in the proportion of rural children who have received Vitamin A supplements and on the numbers entering primary school."
But the level of vaccination was satisfactory:
"The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey does reveal some positive, as well as negative, trends. About half of all children surveyed had received at least one dose of Vitamin A, and immunization coverage remains adequate, with at least 80 per cent of children aged one to two years immunized against measles. The survey reveals no significant gender disparities between boys and girls in any of the areas examined. "
Thank you for the link to this report anon.


Thank you for supporting the TRUTH.


"You mention security as a problem. Did security in Mosul become worse after Falluja? "
Yes, it become worse, I guess, there were two reason for that;
First, the people here are very compassionate with the people of Falluja.
Second, some of the fighter of Falluja were escaped to Mosul after that massacre.
"Is is there any real improvement in security in Mosul recently? Are Iraqis in Mosul becoming more safe or less safe? And do you see any benefit to security from recent meetings of the elected assembly? Is the political situation becoming more acceptable or less acceptable to most people in Mosul?"
Yes there is a clear improvement in security during the last weeks, but from yesterday and this morning there are a lot of explosions and shots in our neighborhood. There was an explosion of bombed car less than 100 m from our house, thanks God we were out of the house at that time. We don't know the exact situation right now.
It too early to see any benefit to security from the elected assembly.
The political situation to the neutral Mosul citizen at present is described as ( wait and see).
We heard a promises and want to see the realities.


"Truth Teller, tell me the meaning of your words "the situation of vaccination in Iraq. It was perfect before the war." Do you really know of what you speak? That goes completely against what the world now knows and understands."
Read the above answers, I think it will satisfy your inquiry. The rest of your questions were answered by John, I think.

Anon. @
4/9/2005 09:39:58 AM

"Are you suggesting that your country was better off under the rule of Saddam? "
It is not fair to compare the condition right now with that under the rule of Saddam!!
The fair comparison should be made after the situation settled down.
Anyhow looking to the situation from every side. It was better under the rule of Saddam. I don't mean Saddam was a good guy, but he controlled the whole things in a secure way.
What concern the people now, is the security, which was much better at that time.

"But in my opinion if your country is so much worse now maybe they should free Saddam and let him get it back to the good life you all enjoyed!"
I will not comment on this phrase. Ask your government. Who asked for the occupation.
But when things happened, and hundred of thousands killed, all for mistake or a misunderstanding of CIA reports, or they were fooled about the WMDs because of "double agents, we prefer to have REAL democracy than the rule of a dictator. But the price we are paying is very expensive.

anon.@ 4/9/2005 10:04:54 AM

"I don't believe in the statements by Bush saying we are in Iraq to bring "freedom and democracy" any more than I believed the "Saddam has WMDs and is a threat to the USA" crap.

According to what Perle said the other day to the US Senate, they were fooled about the WMDs because of "double agents".... which means double agents are influencing and directing our federal government!

And no appologies from any damn one of them... to Americans or Iraqis! They don't give a rip who dies, as long as they make a bunch of money."
You said all what I have to say. But in better English than mine. Thank you.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Some pictures from Falloja

Those are some pictures taken in Falloja city after the war there, they showed the amount of damage to some buildings in the city, mainly schools.
The students returned to school to complate their study.The sources from where I got these pictures are:
Electonic Iraq
Electronic Iraq 2

May be those are enough evidences about what the people of Falloja suffered.