Wednesday, June 29, 2005



Thank you for your comments. I took a decision not to respond to strykerdad comments, his way in discussion is very irritating, but as he lately offer to help Iraqi patients, I have to reconsider my decision. I may understood him wrongly.

I have those pictures of the Spider bites (the camel spider). I was hesitating to publish them, but your comment encouraged me to do so.


Hi from Iraq
thank you for your wishes, the people in Iraq wish you and all the people of the Island of Malta the same.


"TT, has anyone from your group tried to contact anyone connected to the Task force? I am having some trouble understanding how a clinic connected to a large hospital and with funds to spend is unable to obtain such a commonly available medical appliance. Is that true of all similar items?"

I am sure you will have some trouble understanding how the situation is here in Iraq. You believe what you want, and every other thing is just a lie.

Off course no one of my group tried to contact any one connected to the Task force. The reason we don't trust that they are here to help, or at least that is what we feel.
BTW the Oncology hospital is not a large one, it is the smallest hospital in Mosul, there is no funds to spend in any way. When I say "we don't want money because we have enough", I meant by we, the patients and the staff working in the Ostomy Unit.
The lack of Ostomy appliances is a minor thing among the lack of Medicines, mainly the Cytotoxic drugs, and the lack of Narcotic analgesic used to relieve cancer pain.

Most of the Hospital in Mosul are Governmental including the Oncologyand Nuclear Medicine Hospital. That mean they receive their supplies of medicines and medical appliances from the Ministry of Health, not through any organization. Even the items reached the hospital as assistants from other Organizations, they should inform the MOH about them.

"TT seems less than wildly enthused by the offers of help, but as others have pointed out, there may be many different reasons for that apparent lack."

Sure, I am not so excited by the offer of help, because we were disappointed several times before, many promises but nothing happened. In addition, you and all the warmongers consider me/us your enemy, your duty is to kill not to help, the picture of a marine killing a wounded person in Falluja is still in front of my eyes. How a killer can be so humanitarian.
Also my request was to heiko who offer to help by himself.

As a matter of fact, if I have the chance to make a request I probably chose the availability of the medicines, specially the Cytotoxic and the major narcotic analgesic.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bad days

Those days are really bad, here in Mosul, there are many accidents of kidnapping, killing and hijacking.

Before a couple of days, a neighbor's son which is 30 years old, married and have 4 children was kidnapped from his shop in the most crowded street in Mosul. Today before noon they found his body with two bullets in his head.

Yesterday, just in front of my clinic, a car hijacked in the middle of the day.
Few hours later a body of two dead guys were found 100 m. From my clinic.

This morning at 6:30 about 50 explosions heard, later we knew they were a mortar bomb against an American base. One mortar bomb fell on the house of my close friend's brother, thanks God no body hurt in the house.

The most striking thing is the car hijacking, it is aimed at a certain car mark (BMW). The stolen cars leave the city toward the north. According to police Officer, more than 70 hijacked car a day. One of the incident the thieves were knocking the door of the house and when they open the door they threatened them with gun, either to die or let the thieves take the car. From their accent, they were probably a Kurds from Sulaimanyia.

There is a big shortage of gasoline those days. The line of cars at the gasoline stations may reach several kilometers. The price of gasoline at the black market is 10 folds its original price.

The electricity is very bad, it comes twice a day for max. Two hours each time, the neighborhood generator is stop working because there is no diesel fuel.

The water supply for domestic use is un sterilized, it is highly contaminated, and unsuitable for human use.

Even the air is polluted from the smoke of the old cars, the diesel machine of the generators, and etc.

This is our condition two years after the iberation/occupation.

Friday, June 03, 2005