Sunday, June 10, 2007

More news from Mosul

Every day there are new news, more explosion, more killing and less security.

No body know what will be the end of this situation.

The following news were taken from official and neutral source.

Saturday 9 June 2007

Iraqi forces killed two suicide bomber and blow up the car carrying them
An official source in Nineveh Police announce that the Police succeeded in killing two suicide bombers and destroying their car which was loaded with a bomb today Saturday 9/6/2006. The car was targeting the headquarters of the Third Regiment of the Fourth Division of the Iraqi Army in Al-Intisar district, west of Mosul. The civilian casualties reported from the explosion was 2 dead, 7 injured.

A car bomb driven by a suicide bomber exploded today Saturday 9/6/2007 in Al-Karama district roads, east of City of Mosul near Abdul-Rahman Al-Ghafiki School. Several casualties and considerable material losses were reported.

The Iraq Flag flies on North Kurdistan once again.
According to informed sources at the Iraqi Turkish borders that the Local Kurdish Authorities has brought down the Kurdistan Flag and replace it with the Iraqi Flag. It has been thought that this was an attempt by the Kurdish Authorities to regain Iraq's support to stop Turkey from penetrating deep into the Kurdish territories. Turkish Authorities had doubted whether the Iraqi Flag will ever be flown again in the Norhtern Iraqi territories.

Two explosive devices exploded in Mosul today 9/6/2007
One of the devices exploded on s on a National Guard patrol unit near the railway in Bab Sinjar, right bank of Mosul. The score of the casualties in not known yet as a result of the security seal of the area. A second device exploded on a police patrol without causing any casualties.

Mortar attack on Aden (Eden) road crossings in Mosul today 9/9/2007
A mortar attack was reported today in Mosul. The missile fell on Eden crossings, left bank of the City killing 2 people, one of whom was a policeman. Six more were injured in the attack among whom were to policemen.