Friday, June 08, 2007

News from Mosul.

There are always bad news, I hesitate to report them but as I have no new post since long time, I decided to post some of the recent news.

Wednesday 6 June 2007

Three bodies found by the police in Mosul
Nineveh Police found today 3 bodies in different parts of Mosul. One was for an Army Lieutenant and the others were unidentified.

Two civilians injured in MosulTwo civilians were wounded accidentally from as a result of random shooting in Al-Arabi district, north of Mosul according to a source from the Accident and Emergencies Hospital in Mosul.

Mortar missiles falls of Mosul Radio & TV Station
Four mortar missiles fell today on the building of Mosul Radio & TV Station in Naynawa (Nineveh) district of Mosul. No information available yet on the number of casualties and the extent of the damage caused by the attack.

Thursday 7 June 2007

Four dead bodies found in Mosul today 7/6/2007
Brigadier Saied Ahmed AL-Jubouri, Director of Information in Nineveh Police stated that Police found today 7/6/2007 4 bodies
One of the bodies was of a policeman and was found in Al-Intisar District, east of Mosul. The other 3 were unidentified and were found in Al-Hay Al-Sinaie, south east of Mosul

11:04 and follow up at 18:32
Two car bombs in Rabi'a District, Nineveh. Five British nationals dead
Two car bombs exploded on the district of Rabie'a 120km north west of Mosul on the Syrian borders. The first bomb targeted the District's police directorate and the second a US military barracks. Preliminary number of casualties in this accident was estimated to be 8 injured civilians, according to Brigadier Mohamed Al-Waggaa', Commander of Nineveh's Police in Mosul.

A later statement by Brigadier Al-Waggaa', stated that 5 British nationals workings of a foreign construction contractors were killed in the car bomb
were killed in theemployee of a foreign construction contactors.

Saher Al-Haidari, a woman journalist killed in Mosul today 6/6/2007

Saher Al-Hidari, a journalist was killed in Al-Hadbaa' district, north east of the City of Mosul. The worked for Voices of Iraq News Agency.

Friday 8 June 2007

Explosion wounds 4 policemen and one civilians in Mosul today 8/6/2007
In a statement by Brigadier Abdul Kareem Al-Jubouri, Head of Operations in Nineveh Police, an explosive from a device in Al-Arabi district, targeted a joint Iraqi Army/Police patrol unit north of Mosul wounded 4 police personnel and a civilians.

As you see there is no 24 hour pass without a blood shed in the city, the same is at all regions of Iraq.
There is a very important question: Why all these happened in the past four years and not before?
Does the democracy which brought to us by the occupation causes this?
Does the freedom (US style) is the cause?
Are all the Iraqi people terrorist?
Or there is another cause for this chaos?

In my opinion, the occupation is the only cause, and the chaos will not end unless the last foreign soldier leave Iraq.


madtom said...

"In my opinion, the occupation is the only cause, and the chaos will not end unless the last foreign soldier leave Iraq."

Welcome back TT, good to hear your voice again,.

I think your assessment is too simplistic.

You asked an important question:

" Why all these happened in the past four years and not before?"

First of all, much of the violence prior to the invasion came from the regime itself. So you did not hear on the news every time a new mass grave was filled

Then we come to the post invasion period. There are many warring faction all looking to gain absolute power as saddam wielded, and then you have the neighboring powers, all dictatorships vying for influence, or outright control. Non of which are interested in having even a minimally operating democracy next door.

Then we come to the US and the Bush strategy of fighting a buffer war on al qeada in Iraq. Now I have never approved of such a strategy, but you have to see why it was chosen. It might be the only way to instigate the necessary civil wars so that all those powers and groups which will resist even a minimal democracy from operating, to exhaust their will to resist fighting amongst you and themselves. Mind you, not a path I would have chosen had I been president,

Now if we were to take away even a minimal chance for the Iraqi people to share power in a democratic state, and just put back a strongman who would fight for complete control, I am sure the pressure from your neighbors would subside, and the pressures from within could be silenced, but Iraq would them be back on a path that can only end in tyranny of the very few, over the great masses.

That would truly be a crime, and it would in the long run kill and impoverish more people.

Liberal democracies and market economies have been proven to date without a doubt to be the lest worst models for improving peoples lives.

So I have to ask you. Do you think that a withdrawal of occupying forces will lead to Iraq stabilizing under a liberal democracy?
Or are you just saying that a withdrawal end the chaos with a quick return to the old regime?, or a new better old regime?

B Will Derd said...
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Truth teller said...

Thank you madtom for your interesting comment.
I always admire your thought regardless if I agree with you or not.

"Do you think that a withdrawal of occupying forces will lead to Iraq stabilizing under a liberal democracy? "

At the present time and owing to the very hard situation we live in, all what we want is a peaceful life, liberal democracy or not is not a big deal.

Another thing I want to add, is that the old regimen is not as bad as your government want it to appear. Yes there was dictatorship and tyranny, at least the normal simple people can live in peace regardless of the are in the line of the dictator or not.

Most of the victims of the last regimen are those who were the agents of the foreign (neighboring) country.

Yes to be one of the ruling party, you will be superior to other in every thing, but if not , you can live a normal life, no body threatened you, or kidnap your son for a ransom, no body ask you to leave your house or pay thousands of dollars to let you stay.

Surprisingly most of those who committed such crimes are either policemen or armed militias who worked under cover and protection of the occupation force.

B Will Derd said...

I see you deleted my comment, TT? What rule, other than truthfullness, did I violate this time? You only confirmed what I wrote with your comment--- you are among the growing number of humans who prefer slavery to the cost of liberty. Clearly, that is what you think. You do not think that the price of a revolution for a society in which individuals are guaranteed basic rights to achieve their personal goals is worth paying. I find that incredibly selfish. I would give my own life to guarantee that for my own descendants, as my forebearers did for me. I don't think that makes me exceptional in any way. Where I come from, that makes me 'normal'. Is 'normal' in Iraq really a desire for servile existence subject to the whims of tyrants and life lived so as to not offend that tyranny as a price for 'peace'? Perhaps that is the root problem in Iraq today, a cultural disconnect that is not reconcilable. Give me liberty or give me death must not translate.

madtom said...

"Yes to be one of the ruling party, you will be superior to other in every thing, but if not , you can live a normal life, no body threatened you"

How much does it cost in Iraq, to bribe yourself up from sheep to dog, for a week?

Truth teller said...

Bwil derd

I thing you know very well why I delete your previous comment.

If you really understand what I wrote, you will realize that we (the Iraqis), prefer death to the slavery.

What you consider as cost for liberty, is nothing but a slaughter committed by senseless occupier against innocent civilians.

All what the US did in Iraq is just an exchange of one tyrant by several ones, by gangs of thieves and murderers, and you and your ilk want the Iraqis to accept the presence of those who introduce this chaoses (US troops) over our land.
You have to learn from the history. Iraq for Iraqis. Neither the super power nor the fake promises of democracy and freedom make the Iraqis believe you.

BTW your truthfulness is a typical example of how the tyrant feel against his victims.

B Will Derd said...

No, TT, I have no idea why you deleted the previous comment. Was it my observation that the nations in which fundamentalist Islam is the dominant force, one often finds people living in tyranny? Do you dispute that?

No, I don't understand what you wrote if you did not say that you preferred living under a tyrant to living under the current conditions. It seems very clear to me that is exactly what you wrote. Do you really think that the insurgents are fighting the Coalition to guarantee basic civil rights for Iraqis? They want to be your slavemasters and you are perfectly OK with that if it means the battle for basic rights is abandoned and the killing and torture go back behind closed doors so that it does not confront your own personal 'peace'. Do I have that wrong?

The US removed the tyrant who was considered a threat to our long term security. No, I don't think he was removed out of a love for the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people deserve the government they allow, as far as I am concerned. But left in place, Saddam would have been in a race to dominate the ME against Iran and they with him. That would have been even worse than what we have now. Iraq was on a course for major upheaval and war regardless of whether the US invaded or not. I don't buy Iraqis' innocent victim status for a minute. But, having removed the tyrant that Iraqis were unable or unwilling to remove themselves, they have failed to unite behind a cause which could bring them something resembling a modern nation with the rights and opportunities due all people. Instead, most of their best that remained after a generation under the Baathists, fled the country as soon as the going got tough. A tiny minority of very brave souls remain among the wanna-be tyrants and cowering slaves who pass all responsibility for their sorry fate upon those who gave them an opportunity they were too inept or cowardly to ever secure for themselves.

Iraq for Iraqis? What does that mean? Iraq wouldn't even exist were it not for a handful of Europeans deciding to draw it on a map less than a century ago. Iraq remains a region ruled by religious extremists, rival tribes and thugs, and you don't have enough fingers to point that will ever change that. Only the few remaining Iraqis with some concept of a better life for future Iraqis will ever change that, and they can not do it alone. Not with fellow citizens like yourself you would accept slavery as a permanent condition for Iraq.

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