Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Hi every body

This is the first time for me to write in a blog.
I have recently read some of the Iraqi blogs. And as most of the blogger are young age so I decided to add some old insight to the blogs.

I am 57 year old man lived in Mosul, Iraq. Graduated from the medical college , university of Mosul about 30 years ago. I worked for the ministry of health since I get my license.

I hope that I can write some posts about my city, as it is very famous now, describe the life of ordinary Mosul citizen and he relation between different nationalities (Arabs and Kurds) and religions (Muslims and Christians). by the way I am Arab and Muslim and I spend almost all my life in this city.

The nature of this city is some what differ from other places, it is too cold in winter and too hot in summer. The temperature varies from as low as -8 c at winter to as high as + 55c at summer. this variation made the temper of its people also varies from very calm to very excited.

This is the end of this post. I wish Happy New Year to every one and good bye.


RedChariot65 said...

As an American women of 56 years, I would be most interested to hear about life in your country. Not just what the Media tells us. Do you all hate us? Why? Are you glad the American Troops are there? I have been a Registered Nurse for over 31 years. I have come to feel that the Arab world is determined to kill us all. Prior to 911, I had no harsh feelings toward the Arab culture. This is all so sad.

Truth teller said...


Thank you for your comment , the purpose of this blog is to let others hear about life in my city or my country. It differs a lot from what the media tells.

To tell the truth, I don't think we hate you(the americans), but since the start of sanction on Iraq and the first Gulf war there was a shock to the ordinary citizens, why the American goverment lead the world against the Iraqis? and prevent food and medicine from reaching the needed people? at that time Saddam and his gangs have every thing and the ordinary people have nothing.
At this time (it is a war time you know) and a lot of blood every where, people cant think correctly, we saw the pictures of abuse of Iraqi prisioner at Abu- Graib in the media and hear the voice of fire shot day and night, this deffinitely affects the psychology of the people.
I cant say I am glad because the american troops are here but I am sure if they left just now it will be a disaster.
I can assure you that the Arabs do not hate you, but hate the policy of your goverment against Arabs.
Thank you again and feel free to ask whatever in your mind about Iraq or Arabs.

praktike said...

Thanks for starting this website, and welcome to blogging! I look forward to more posts.

liminal said...

Ya hallaaaa!!!! Welcome to blogging TT! Indeed, very calm, very excited, is very true about Maslawis...ha! (Good point about the weather.) That's where my family is from too! Very cool! I can't wait to read your blog. -lim

aNarki-13 said...

hmmm... u related to a certain bright star that's having her exams?
i have a feeling that you are.

and welcome to the blogsphere!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. The temperatures pretty variable over here too, though steady.

Went quite strange after the tsunami, cooler and humid, rained when hadn't in ages. Strange how so much was lost and everything just disappeared so quickly. I guess it's a bit of a shock, people are adaptable but take things in pretty slowly sometimes. Just have to wait for everyone to catch up I guess. Is there ever anything you've ever wanted removed ? Or to remain (lol, now getting all poetic about it - not very appropriate for wars and natural disasters).

Thanks for your blog. Have bit better idea what going on now, but wondering what I could do (more).

Lisa, New York said...

Hi, welcome to the blogging world. :-)

By the way, the weather sounds similar to New York (except your heat in the summer is more extreme). New York can go as low as several degrees below zero F in the winter (-20 c) and as high as 100 F in the summer (38 c). I'm sure that doesn't seem hot to you but it feels very hot to us! It also gets extremely humid in the summer which makes the heat feel worse. But I probably shouldn't complain to you about heat, you'd probably laugh. :-)

I look forward to reading your blog. It's good to read things from people of different ages and backgrounds. I look forward to hearing your perspective and I wish you safety and peace.

Lisa (New York)

Lisa, New York said...

Truth Teller,

I just have to say a few more things. (I hope you don't mind friendly argument. It's the only way to really learn from each other). You said in your reply here that America had "prevent[ed] food and medicine from reaching the needed people". I know you must realize that the sanctions did not deny food and medicine to the Iraqi people. Saddam did that. It's one of the reasons the decision was made that he had to be removed.

Also, regarding your reference to Abu Ghraib. I hope you know that Americans were just as upset when they saw those pictures. I cried and was angry and embarrassed. Everyone I talked to felt the same way. Nobody condones what was done. But those who did those things are being punished. The trials are happening right now. I have heard Iraqis say that they think nobody is being punished. That's not true. The people who did those things are facing many, many years in prison. It's not being taken lightly.

However, I hope you don't hold those actions against all Americans or even all American soldiers. I watched, on the internet, a video of innocent Americans being beheaded in Iraq. What I saw was much more horrible than any of the abuses at Abu Ghraib. I still have nightmares about it and wish I hadn't seen it. I saw Americans having their heads slowly cut off while screaming in terror. I heard men yelling "Allahu Akbar" while doing this. But I don't blame all Iraqis or all Muslims for that, as upsetting as it was. And I don't dwell on it or allow it to change my feelings about helping Iraq. I hope you can extend the same courtesy. We all have seen horrible, upsetting things perpetrated by both sides.

liminal said...

Sorry Lisa,

But Al Gonzales, perhaps America's new attorney general, condoned the use of torture.

Read today's times or my blog.


liminal said...

Here's the exact quote.

"Like Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the other chief architect of these policies, Mr. Gonzales shamed the nation and endangered American soldiers who may be taken prisoner in the future by condoning the sort of atrocious acts the United States has always condemned."


Lisa, New York said...

Sorry, liminal, but nobody condoned the heinous acts in the Abu Ghraib photos.

Jeff said...

Oh, Lord, here we go AGAIN! Please, let's make it so this blogger WANTS to keep the comments open.

Truth Teller, WELCOME! DON'T feel you have to respond to (or even read) every comment or become involved in every contentious argument. I am VERY glad to listen and be respectful. Perhaps I'll LEARN something!

(Hint to others.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Truth Teller,
we are many who look forward to more information on what is going on in your town. How is life? Can you spend a day or night out without risking to be attacked by the so called insurgents (whoever they are) or the American troops? What about the latest news when we leart that 18-20 killed bodies were found in Mosul and some days later a police officer said these bodies did not exist.

I am 58 yrs old and from Sweden

Husayn said...

Welcome to online world. I have met many wonderful people in the short time that my blog has been online. I hope to hear more about Iraqi past. You are a little bit younger than my father, but I love to hear first-hand history of our nation.

- Husayn

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts to blog. I see some information from Baghdad, but less from the rest of Iraq, so your blog is especially welcome.

The situation in Mosul has sounded very dangerous for months and I sympathize with anyone living there.

I know that there are great differences among residents of Mosul about events in Iraq. I welcome hearing what you think are the opinions held by important numbers of people in Mosul. Those opinions are crucial factors in the political struggle in Iraq and in Mosul. They must be reckoned with whether I agree with them or not.

Michael in Framingham
(Framingham is a town in the state of Massachusetts in the US)

liminal said...

Hello Najma's Father! I didn't realize until today! It shows how together I've been in the past few weeks/months.

This is just a comment for everybody. I noticed that my quote's source is not available.

This is the ny times "link generator" version of the article I included for the quote of above. The ny times link generator is useful for making articles available that are normally viewed for pay (after 3 days). If you enter the original link for the article in the link generator, you'll get a free and permanent version of the article.

Okay! Thank you for blogging so much. Your voice is very important for me. -liminal :)

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dr.,

I thank your for this account of life in Mosul today. Your city sounds like fascinating place and pray that someday you can share it peacefully with outsiders. I have a daughter there today. She is a US Army medic and often stands guard along a highway. She longs to be able to go outside the wire and visit people and places she can only see from the tower. She has said the childrean are especially adorable.

She believes she is there to try to help make Iraq a place where people of good will and character can have a say in their government. That way, we in the US think we will have nothing to fear from your country. It distresses me to hear that you will not vote. I know it is presumptuous of me to judge, but Iraq and the Islamic world is in the situation it is in because the good people have allowed the bad to speak for them. Most in this country believe that is a God given right and it is our duty to risk all to secure that right. For evil to prosper, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

After living in Mosul for one year and having a good understand of the real reason that we are in Iraq, I personally believe that we should leave right away. The elections are over and we can not stay there forever. That country is going to have a civil war regardless. We are only prolonging it .

justme said...

anonymous, you may have lived in Mosul for one year but if your understanding draws the conclusion Iraq will fall into civil war then i fear your time there has been wasted. there will be no civil war in Iraq.

justme said...

Hello TruthTeller, assalamu alaykum. Thanks for taking the time to do this blog and I hope it gives you some fun. Would it be ok for your children to write something from time to time, also? That would be great and also a first, perhaps. Don't think there are any Iraqi (young) children writing their thoughts for all the world to see.

I would like to visit Mosul someday. If I were to come now what percentage of people who want to kill me compare to those who don't? .1%? 2%? 50%? 99%? Would I need to wear a veil and stay hidden all the time?

Best to you and your family, and thanks for writing and answering all of our questions.


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