Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Security Situation in Iraq

No body can believe what is going on in Iraq those days.

100 workers kidnapped together during their way home after they finished their work, next day at the same place and the same time and from the same company 150 workers kidnapped !!!

I wonder, who have such capability of kidnapping more than 200 persons?, where they put them? And how they hide them? What they feed them? And how?
I can't think of who did it, unless he is as powerful as a government or work for the government. But why the government kidnapped it's own workers!?

Other strange thing that a General Director in the Ministry of Health kidnapped inside the Ministry building!!, isn't that suspicious?

A prof. from the University of Mosul went for some business to the Ministry of Intern. He shot dead at the front door of the ministry when he is in his way out!!

I will not mentions the number of bodies discovered every day at the streets of the main cities. Or the organized killing of the Doctors, the Scientists and the University lecturers.

I don't want to mention the explosions and the bombs targeted the Mosques and the shopping markets of both Sunnis and Sheeis.

All these and more happened at the hearing and the sight of the American troops which should be responsible for security in this occupied country.

YOU American if you can't control the security situation, leave now and let us solve our problems in our own way.

It will never be worse than the current situation.

Three years of occupation and despite the daily statements of the US official about the progress in the security, the condition progress from bad to worse.
Every day is worse than the previous.

Can any body imagine how the US super power together with the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi police and the allied forces from so many sources are all failed to control the chaos in this country.

This country was controlled in peace and security by the power of single Dictator.
Don't believe that this dictator killed people in his 35 years of control more than what was killed in 3 years of freedom and democracy under the US controls.


johninnz said...

Welcome back Truthteller.
From Abu Kahleel's Blog:

"Latest joke in Baghdad: In desperation, the Americans ask Saddam if he could help bring order into the country. He said he needed one hour and 5 minutes. When asked he said he needed the hour to have a good bath, a hair cut, a shave and a change of clothes. And the 5 minutes? That’s the time he needed to go on TV."

Lori_Price_CLG said...

The U.S. death squads (Blackwater USA, etc.) are responsible for the terrorism and war crimes in Iraq. I am waiting for the treason trials of Bush, Cheney Halliburton, Rumsfeld, and Rove to begin... with all possible penalties for treason on the plate.

Lori R. Price
Gen. Mgr.
Citizens For Legitimate Government

Anonymous said...

Bush is sitting on the precipice and needs Iraq and Iran to save his butt, if someone came over here to the UK, wiped out hundreds of thousands of our people, stole our priceless religious aretfacts and put in motion the continued rape of this country then I too would be fighting.

Personally I would beware any amnesty as the Americans cannot be trusted, Bush's illegal regime lies, cheats and backstabs, they are true Sh'irk'rs, did they protest when Omert stated that Israeli lives were more important than Palestinians?

Bush and Blair are faithless, criminals that spread hate and destruction, any deals done with them are deals done with the devil and maybe your country should insist on any peace package requiring that Bush and Blair are reported and indicted under the International Criminal Court for War Crimes.

You could probably have Bremer on that for switching oil revenues back to dollars at a loss of 17% gross income to the Iraqi people as the euro is worth 17 per cent more than Bush's worthless greenback.

Anonymous said...

Truth Teller

I agree with you the Americans should go home.

How can we (americans) expect to help your country when our country is in such a mess with the non elected officials who are trying to spoon feed the Iraqi's their brand of Freedom that clearly isn't working.

I do not believe for one moment that your freedom was ever the issue it was George Bush's agenda before 9-11 happened. I am so sorry that this man has such a far reaching hand. He is worse than Saddam could ever hope to be. But worse than all this, G Bush is simply a puppet for Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld. Both are clearly evil men.

I am sorry to be an American on this day.

Don Cox said...

"Or the organized killing of the Doctors, the Scientists and the University lecturers."_____This is what happened in Algeria in the 90s, too. Iraq today seems to be a continuation of that conflict.

mariestaad said...

More than half of us, Americans, don't want to be in your country--many of us (like me) who actually knew something about the middle east and Iraq thought this was, as the Syrian Ambassador commented before we went in "opening the gates of hell." Sometimes I think we are under our own peculiar, elected version of Saddam: we are having are civil liberties stripped away; if you protest the war, then you "support the terrorists," who many of us know were never in Iraq. Our bank accounts and phone calls and internet activity can be, and are, monitored. I think the Founding Fathers of America are rolling in their graves. I, as an American, apologize to you for the horrors our country has inflicted upon you. I know this is cold comfort, but many of us are doing whatever we can to change our government in the next elections. Be well and safe as you can be. Great blog.

Freedom7 said...

These posters are socialist types who want a secular humanistic world. Many have been taught in American public schools by leftist teachers that America is bad because of how we treated Native and African Americans in the past, etc. They do not know what it is like to not have freedom. They take their freedom for granted every day. Their own political party voted for the 'Patriot Act', and now they act like they are living in a police state, which is furthest from the truth (just politics). They are weak minded appeasers. Al Qaeda understands these Americans, and plays to them in the media. President Bush is not one of these types, and neither is half of America. He is a God fearing person who understands right from wrong. Saddam invaded Kuwait and could not be trusted after 9/11. President Bush does not fall into the "moral equivalency" mindset that these leftists fall into. There is a lot of propaganda out there. While it is true that America has made your life harder, our hope is that your country will be better for your children and grandchildren. Those who trade freedom for security get neither and deserve neither.


they r here to loot ur natural resources and it is easy to ponder in situation of fear and chaos bcoz it don't attract much attention.

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mewmewmew said...

"Latest joke in Baghdad: In desperation, the Americans ask Saddam if he could help bring order into the country. He said he needed one hour and 5 minutes. When asked he said he needed the hour to have a good bath, a hair cut, a shave and a change of clothes. And the 5 minutes? That’s the time he needed to go on TV."

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